is it false labour


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Jul 25, 2005
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I am so confused I think things are starting but then I think perhaps its false.

I had a show at the weekend and I have had several braxton hicks. Today I have had several bouts of Diarrhea and several braxton hicks

or at least I think they are braxtion hicks it has been happening all day bump hardens then gets all tingly over the bump.

I dont want to alarm my partner so just sitting through it.

Is it just my body getting ready or a false labour??? :think: :think:

Has anybody else experienced this??


i had strong brazton hicks right through all my pregnancies.
with my first pregnancy i had a show exactly one week before i gave birth.

I would just relax and go with the flow - If the pains come regular and stronger phone the hospital. :)
Any news from sarah since this post? was she in labour?? God everyone is having there babies!! :dance: xxx
Hi Still

Here i think my body is just having fun with me or getting me ready

I am still having braxton hicks and the baby seems to have dropped (my bump is now empty at the top) my motions are still quite loose. so hopefully something will happen soon.

I have a big wedding on Saturday and I havent taken the tickets off my outfit as i dont want to tempt fate.

I have a sweep booked on sunday in preperation for next fridays induction

so hopefully it will all happen soon.

When I went inbto labour with Damien (for the last and real time!) I had very loose motions, so bad that I thought my initial contractions were just an upset tummy! :shock: What a shock did I get when my waters broek whilst sat on the loo!!! :lol:

Good luck hunnie, not be long now :D
Hi hunny ive been exactly the same its doing my head in. Ive been having really painfull Braxtons making me cry some times i found myself rocking back and too yeasterday. I have really loose motions but the pains are not getting closer about every hour too hour and a half. Ive tried walking a bit and even Fresh pineapple this morn but nothing solid as yet. How are you feeling now? Im really frustraited. Think it may be slow labour im scared to waste time calling the midwife as i went last week leaking and the week before with gastrick and was in two days on a drip . Its really hard to tell.
Hi sarah i'm having the same things happening to me at the mo too, the only thing I haven't had yet is a show, I've rang the hospital and they said until I've had a show or if they get stronger and more frequent then just to ride through it. but there agony sometimes, they just make me stop in my tracks the sharp ones. :(
Not long for me now though, even less for you hopefully. :dance:

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