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Just wondering...


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Dec 8, 2006
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:D I think it's about right for babies to start smiling at 5-6 weeks.
In a book I have it says that, in their second month, they should also recognise you and possibly gurgle or spueal and do 'pretend conversation' with you. Their eyes should be able to follow you around the room and their hearing should be better and they can recognise sounds they've heard before.

From what I remember of ione, they start noticing their hands soon too. I used to catch her staring cross eyed at her hand in front of her face. And now she does the same thing with her feet. She's also starting to roll now and can get over onto her side.
i remember millie smiled at 4 weeks, and i remember she rolled onto her tummy at 2 months, but i really cant remember how old she was when she first laughed or babbled. i definately dont think she babbled as early as 6 weeks, but she was cooing then. sorry not much help am i!
amber started about 6 weeks old wasnt sure if it was wind at first but you defnately can see a difference, so its about ight time for Ava x
ryan and millie smiled at 3 weeks, i asked a hv and she said its proper smiles, he started laughing at 8 weeks

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