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Jane carseat compatibility


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May 18, 2007
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I've got my eye on a Jane Rebel carseat for the new baby, but how can I find out if it will fit in our cars?

I noticed on the Britax website they have a search facility where you can look up different models of car and it tells you whether the seat will be suitable. I can't see anything like this on the Jane website.

We'll probably be buying the pushchair and carseat online so would like to know for sure before ordering really to save the cost of returning if it doesnt fit.

Are there any websites online that would say? I've tried google but can only find US sites which don't have any info about our car, or Jane carseats

We have a 2003 Mitsubishi L200 Warrior and a 1993 Nissan Micra, and would rather if it fitted both really, though the Warrior is the most important. (I still have to pass my driving test before I can even drive the micra :lol: )
ring the AA and RAC there very helpful. or email the car seat manufacturer?
Could you go in to Mothercare and tell them you want to check if it fits before buying. They should take the display model to your car to check I would have thought. If it does fit, say you'll be sending MIL as she's buying it for the baby or some other plausible reason for not buying there and then :)

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