Ivf early loss


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Jan 28, 2017
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I think I have been in every section of this forum now, ttc , am I pregnant, long term ttc , first tri and now the loss section.

What a journey this is and if hell was on earth it would be here.

I only found out I was pregnant 2 days ago after 3 years ttc and 1 round of ivf but today I started bleeding as we lost the pregnancy

I just feel so heart broken and lost. My body has been pumped full of hormones the past 6 weeks and all for nothing

I feel like I am trapped in a loop that has no way out. I'm trying to be positve in the fact we have 2 frozen embryos we can still use for transfer but at same time the thought of going through this again is filling me with anxiety.

How do we find the courage to to try again?
Hi alexis, the journey is by no means easy and will test every ounce of your being both physically and emotionally and there is little anybody can say to make you feel better right now.

All I can say is keep going and don’t give up. The further we get, the bet the better the statistics are and the closer you are to having your baby. Your little miracle will be waiting for you and when it happens this pain and heartache will be a distant memory.

Sending you love and positivity xx
It feels absolutely horrendous now and like your in limbo but things will get better. I am so sorry your going through this. It will always hurt but you’ll find you’ll want to try again. Give yourself some time grieve and try again when you feel ready. Xx
Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. xx

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