it's the final countdown.... da-di-da-di-daaaaaa.....

lol davina, i've just missed you in the chat room AGAIN! every time i go in today you seem to leave just as i get in! :lol:

bet you can't wait till 5pm!!
I don't want to go back to work tomorrow!! But I think I'll join the countdown - I have 14 working days left!!
number of working days left to go: 3
days left actually in the office: 2

it's my last week!!!! :D :D :D :D

It's a bank holiday up here in Scotland so I'm not back until tomorrow - a 3 day wk this wk and 3 days next wk (this Friday I'll be working from home).

Petchy - just missed you in the chatroom, I was logged on for a while but went and put some washing on and forgot I was logged in! I think it booted me out after a while though.

What have you got planned for your maternity leave? I think I'm just going to try and relax and get the house ready for little one and join in any mothers to be classes or groups I can find (haven't found any in my area yet and parent classes don't start until 9th Jan).

35 wks
Petchy - just missed you in the chatroom
typical! :lol: i'll log in again and stay logged on for a while. work is boring me today!!

i'm gonna use my time before baby arrives to do a bit of nesting and a lot of resting! lol

hopefully i will have time to clear out a few cupboards and get them organised, as well as catching up with some friends that have had their babies recently! and a catnap in the afternoon sounds veeeery tempting with all these trips to the loo i keep making in the night!
What a long day it has been today. Still only 13 more to go!
number of working days left to go: 2
days left actually in the office: 2

it's my last week!!!! :D :D :D :D

Today was hard work (hadn't been in the office for nearly 2 wks!) by the time I got home I wished I was finishing on Friday but I hold on to the thought that my boss is on holiday from lunchtime Friday so my 3 days next wk (mon-wed) will be really quiet and I can take long lunches and arrive/leave on time!

Working days left: 5

Working days in the office: 4

35 + 1
number of working days left to go: 1


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Congratulations Petchy, it must be a great feeling.

Shall I start mine now? Only 155 working days to go!! :shock:
OMG tankett, how could i have missed it?!?!?! so all your TTCing has paid off!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Yay Petchy!!!!!!! Must be a great feeling - did your colleagues get you anything?

Working days left:3

35 + 3
did you get any nice presents?

feet up now for the rest of your pregnancy....

I have 135 days left.... no i don't that includes bank holidays and my annual holidays... I have 108 days left to work... actually that doesn't seem too bad!

Congratulations Petchy - It must be great to know you can relax now. I hope you had a good last day. I have 10 days left to work - I came home at lunchtime today and went back to bed - I felt like pants!! Feel better now for the rest, just rather uncomfortable. Not long to go now though - soon be in single figures.
so yesterday was my last day at work - and it was so nice at 5pm knowing that i can put my feet up now, and have a kip in the afternoon if i've had a bad nights sleep (almost every night these days!)

my colleagues had done a collection for me, and gave me a nice rattle from early learning centre and a £75 gift card at boots (which i have already decided i will spend on a couple of nursing bras and a baby monitor). i also got a lovely card which everyone had signed.

i have to keep reminding myself that i don't have to stress this weekend! i usually run around like a headless chicken trying to get all the cleaning done, shopping, seeing people and all of a sudden it's sunday evening and back to work on monday. but now i don't have to rush! i keep forgetting though, and got up early this morning and cleaned the house! when i'd finished i realised there was no need to rush it - but at least now the house is nice and tidy and i can sit down and admire my handiwork! lol :lol:
Yay, I'm in the final week!

Working days left: 2!!

How was your first Monday on maternity leave Petchy? Last night in my usual frantic rush to get stuff done and get to bed at a decent time I was thinking it'd be my last Monday morning feeling for a while!

35 + 6
Wow - I'm down to single figures girls - only 9 days to go!!
Only 8 days to go now - had a short day today - checkup at the hospital - all is well


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