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iron tablets


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Sep 17, 2007
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ive got to go and pick some up from my doctors todsy is anyone else taking these and do they make you feel ill :(
They can make you constipated so make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg!!!!
I've been taken some for a week with no ill effects- less constipated if anything :)
I have been taking them for a while, not really any trouble here! :hug:
Hi, I've taken them on and off for years. I did have probs with them when I first started taking them, but i got my diet sorted and i've been fine since. i do have to take senakot every now and then cus they can make u a bit bunged up... and your poo turns black!! xx
Ive had one type that gave me really severe nausea, read the bottle for possible side effects although im sure you'll be fine :)
I started taking iron tablets at around 32 weeks and had no problems to begin with. After around 4 weeks I started suffering from diarrhoea, so I reduced my dose by half which made a difference.

Since having Adam, I have had my dose tripled, and have no experienced any side effects.

Some people suffer from constipation while taking iron tablets, but your GP can help with that. xxx
I was on iron tablets in my last trimester and also have been given them to take now as I was anaemic (still am) - the iron tabs made me feel sick and nauseous during pregnancy so I cut them down and stopped taking them, I don;t feel sick now I'm taking them so must have been a hormone thing.

Anyway, what I was going to say is there is a liquid iron formula you can take called FLORADIX (from most health shops) - the midwife said it was fine to take this if the tabs still made me feel sick. Might be worth a go. I did take it for a few days it doesn't taste too bad. I tried the tabs as well and as they don't make me feel sick I am back on them instead.

Hope you find a solution which suits you and doesn't make you feel sick.
BF x
thanks guys :) i have to take them to stop me from becomming anemic have no idea what that is but yeah i hope i dont feel sick with them
Tegala-7thMarch08 said:
thanks guys :) i have to take them to stop me from becomming anemic have no idea what that is but yeah i hope i dont feel sick with them

Anemia is an iron deficiency due to a decreased incorporation of hemoglobin into red blood cells, the out come is you feel drained and tired. The best thing is to eat loads of iron rich food such a green veggies, pulses and red meat (if your not veggie). I second the Floradix, great stuff and doesn't give you constipation or tummy problems.

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