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May 3, 2005
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Can these make you go off food? I weighed myself at my mums (I refuse to have scales in my house, and weigh myself occasionally at hers) and ive lost 3 pounds. I don't have hunger at the moment, I don't fancy anything, Im just thirsty :(

I know the baby is getting all the nutrients it needs, but surely iron tablets are meant to give you energy, not stop you from feeling hungry, and therefore you have no energy anyway? :?

Has anyone else experienced this?

I was just wondering If you went off your food before you were on the iron tablets as one of the symtoms of Iron deficiency is a lack of appietite (sp).

also at your stage of pregnancy the baby will be starting to push on your stomach so you won't beable to eat as much and feel full quicker then you normally would.

If your worried about how much you are eating why not try and write down what you eat in one day I bet you'll be surprised that it's really more then you think.

I found this link on iron deficiency it has a list of symptoms also (including itching lol ), and treatment ect:-

I used to find that iron tablets used to make me nauseous so this might also be a reason if your off your food.

hope this helps

You are so nice!Thankyou! :D :D

Maybe I am still suffering from the anaemia symptoms, my mum told me to try and snack on cereal, so i will try and do this too.

Thanks again :D

I have been on pregaday (iron tablets) for 3 weeks, now, and as Suz said, I was not eating much before that and for a week still during that, but now, it's all come back to normal...I also feel thursty a lot, esp. in the evening, which is a burden at night :)

As for the nausea, suz, I wonder if it's like me: in the pregaday tablets, there is also folic acid, and I remember this made me feel really sick when I was 3 month pregnant, so maybe it's that?

I think I eat a lot now, but little by nearly looks like I eat all day long :lol: but my weight has stabilised now, so I guess it's all for LO.

Try to eat small amounts, what you really like, and write it down so you can keep a balance.
Are you suffering from heartburn? I find that a fresh squizzed orange juice everymorning starts me off for the day in a very good mood and full of energy! Have been having orange juice for 4 months, now, every morning, and it has really helped me!

hope you get your energy back,
take care,

mel xx
Thankyou! :D

The thirst definitely gets me in the evening more too, I had to buy those huge bottles of water and put one in my bedroom, I often wake up wanting more water! :shock:

Orange Juice is the other thing that i drink loads of, I used to love having breakfast, but I have a big glass of orange juice now instead. Im sure my appetite will come back again.


for breakfast, I squeeze 3 oranges, have 2 toast with sugar-free strawberry jam and butter, and 2 (or 3) petit filous!!!!

i never used to have breakfast before, but now, I can't without it!!!! :p

mel xx

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