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im in agony sorry


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Jan 10, 2007
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all i seem to do is moan about being in pain but
omg ive not ben in long and all day ive had a pain just above my hip (right one) just a thobing
the pain has got worse and worse to the point where im nearly in tears its above my right hip at the front feels all bruised on the inside i havant banged it or anything
also getting a pulling feeling across my front below my belly button hard to explain where exactly.
feels almost like something is trying to climb out of me
anyone no why i could be feeling like tis also feel a little sick
walking doesnt help lol
manda xx

p.s again sorry for moaning
its just ligaments hun, i get this if ive been to the gym. just relax a few days it'll be fine
I think you should call your midwife hun. If it's something like spd starting you'll probably need to be referred for physio if the pains so bad it's reducing you to tears :hug: :hug: :hug:
i dont want to bother the midwife tonight i need to ring her tomorrow to get my 20 week appt so il speak to her then about the pain
as il have a feeling she will ask me to go to the mat hospital and its getting late and i really dont want to be out
god i sound like a right moaner dont i.
going to have dinner and a bath i think see if that helps
its coming and going at the moment if i crouch forward its not to bad but if i sit up stright its agony.
so hard to explain
manda xx
aww hunni! its not a good day is it today :hug: :hug: :hug:

think you should definately go and relax and see if that helps, if you'r no better by the morning then call midwife sweet

Oh dear, have some of these :hug: :hug: :hug:

I don't know if I can offer any advice, I know I often get a pain when I stand up, it gets pretty intense and I hobble around for the first few steps cos its so painful. It's like a pulling, sharp sensation in my lower tummy, across the top of my legs almost. I've always put it down to round ligament pain.

If your pain is more constant and isn't subsiding, then I think you should speak to someone. The MW might just be able to put your mind at rest over the phone without you having to go to the hospital. Chances are its all part of the stretching etc, and if it is SPD then she'll refer you to Physio and going to the hospital won't be necessary.

Give her a call, hun. You'll feel better once you've spoken to her.
thanks all
seems like a bad day for most of us!!
if i lay down its ok not to bad now better if i lay on my side
hubby has banished me to the sofa for the rest of the night so doubt il get on :(
thanks again its so great to have people to put your mind at rest and give advice
manda xx
I'm having a crap night too and feel pretty much like you do. I have a lot of stretching pains again at the moment and feel like crying. I feel quite miserable. I'm better when I sit or lay down but walking is killing, I really need to remember to ring about physio in the morning...
Aww sorry to hear. Hopefully the bath and resting will help.

:hug: :hug:
Sorry to hear about that Manda - I've been having some hip pains too where I feel like I'm paralyzed and can't move...although they've only lasted for a few seconds at a time. I can imagine what you're going through - sounds awful! I agree with the other ladies that you should see someone for some physio - it's bound to help. Good luck :hug:
thanks all hubby has let me get off the sofa lol
had a fantastic bath helped alot dont seem to have much pain now
hope everyone else with pain has some relief soon too
manda xx
how you feeling today Manda? Hope you're feeling a bit better.

When's your 20 week scan arranged for ?

feel a bit better today although couldnt sleep till 1am
im not getting a 20 week scan hun
manda xx

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