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Im having second thoughts


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Aug 17, 2007
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I was really excited about finding out the babys gender and now im having second thoughts.

Was it an easy decision for everyone else or did anyone have doubts like me? I keep thinking the not knowing until babys here must be a fantastic feeling that i would like a piece off.

I need help to make my mind up!
With my first, I was determined not to find out - got to the scan and found myself blurting out "Can you tell me if it's a girl or a boy" :lol:

This time I thought I would really like my hubby to be the one to tellme when bubs is born so as soon as I walked in to be scanned I said that I didn't want to know. I did think shortly after that it would have been nice to know, and even now I think, I would like to say 'he'or 'she' rather than 'it', but it will be worth it in the end :D
Hi there

When i first found out i was pregnant i was adamant that i was finding the sex out - i changed my mind

1 to be different ha ha ha
2 because i know two people who were told they were having girls and had boys
3 because i want my partner to take hold of the baby when it's delivered and tell me what we have
4 i thought it's so much better ringing round all family and giving them a surprise aswell.

Ihope you make the right decision for you before your scan (only 2 days ) I get mine on 15th january - my paps birthday

Im not keen on calling baby it all the time too.

Im so confused OH has said its my choice and he happy with whatever i choose.

1sttimemum I also know someone who got told she was having a girl then went on to have a boy so i know where your coming from there.

I think it will be a case of how i feel on the day. :think:

(I dont think Debecca will forgive me if i dont find out. :rotfl: )
i had to know what i was having i was just 2 excited i didnt give it a second thourght :)
We always said we wanted to find out the sex, ever since we found out I was pregnant, and we even had a private gender scan at 17 weeks. I'm thrilled we found out, it's nice to be able to buy coloured things and calling her by her name (Ella), but I do sometimes think 'I wish it was still a surprise'...but only for a minute, mind. I think for the next one we will stay team green. As for not being 100% sure about the sex, we weren't after the first gender scan. They confirmed it again at the 20 week scan and the condition the babys umbillical cord has (single artery) mainly occurs in female babies. Sometimes the sonogrophers can get it wrong, but I bet the amount of times they get it right really out number the times they get it wrong, otherwise they wouldn't offer to tell the gender at all. But if you're really that concerned..stay team green, you just have to wait a bit longer :)
I'm team green all the way and instead of calling the baby "it" we call him/her Flump and I say he and Matt says she to keep it even :D
DebbieM said:
I'm team green all the way and instead of calling the baby "it" we call him/her Flump and I say he and Matt says she to keep it even :D

Aww that is such a good idea!!!!! (you say he and Matt says she to keep it even )

Im having second thoughts too, Id like to know but there is something very special about waiting and finding out at the birth. You get the whole OMG its a .... instead of hello you. It must be a bit like recieving the most amazing suprise gift EVER which is always better than the one you knew about imo. I know its all wonderful but Im thinking suprise may be nicer :D

Sory didnt help you much did I... :roll:

we've been talking about finding out the sex or not recently. i always just thought id like to know, and when my oh decided he'd like to deffo know, i think i changed my mind. not just being a pain in the backside, but because i thought he'd not want to know, and now hes said he wants to, i think deep down id like to keep it a surprise, but i probably wont.
oh i dont know

did yous keep up with that?
I'm going to find out but mainly because i'm impatient and because i want to buy things in certain colours! Lol.

I'm due just a little before 1sttimemum and i changed my mind the other way. First i thought i'd like a suprise then i realised that actually i hate not knowing things so i am determined to find out!!

On the flump thing, we call ours either Nellie (because the 12 week scan looked like an elephant) or Twiglet. Lol.
We can't decide whether to find out or not...It's such a hard decision :roll: I think we might find out but not tell anyone :think:
Well I really DIDNT want to know at first but OH really did so I gave in and asked because I thought it might help him bond and feel involved.

I didnt expect to be soooo glad we asked myself tho, it feels lovely to know that little bit more about her and has definately helped the whole family bond with her already. My mum keeps saying 'hows my granddaughter doing?' and its lovely to be able to think into the future and imagine us doing girly stuff together.

I know there is some margin for error and thats my only worry that I might be disappointed somehow if its wrong after all these months of thinking girl, but thats the only thing, mostly I am really glad we asked and I would again for the next one too, still havent bought any pink things though...!

Hope that helps, dont stress too much about it, you will be happy knowing or not knowing as long as the scan goes well, good luck
DebbieM said:
I'm team green all the way and instead of calling the baby "it" we call him/her Flump and I say he and Matt says she to keep it even :D

we are the same but mine is called 'bump'

it is tempting to find out but i think it'll be really nice for my OH to tell me and for all of us to have a surprise :D
its been great being able to buy blue stuff and get use to the idea of having a boy not just a baby , we dont call him by a name as we wanna decide this when his born . it was easy for us to wanna find out , even paid £80 for the privaledge , i just hate suprises and if i could know what day i was gonna pop id rather that too !
thats the only thing that tempts me, id like to buy blue or pink stuff rather than just neutral

ahhh well guess its another excuse for me to shop when baby arrives :D
after reading this lastnight and pondering over suprise or not I called OH to say we're not finding out, with which he went mad :roll: So yes we will be asking, I cant handle him sulking for another 4 months! Im happy whatever way really, just thought a suprise might be nice but there you go LOL...men! :wall:
At least im not the only one who is still undecided :think:

I went to bed thinking about it to Tilly and i think i may stick to my orginal plan and find out to. :cheer: so im not going to change my mind again im going to ask and thats that i think :think: . (Baby will probaly have its legs crossed and i wont be able to know that would be typical). I really feel like its a boy so if they say girl i will probaly not believe it anyway.

G3M we have also decided not to pick a name until after the birth.
I didn't find out with my girls and because the hospital didn't tell you and there was no 3d (8 years ago) then it didn't bother me,

but this time round both my OH and i wanted to find out, i had lots of people telling me "not to" and "didn't i want to have a suprise". I am so glad we found out so now we can call it HIM and it has given us the chance to bond a bit more with him, and we have bought the first blue clothes which you don't get the chance to do if its a suprise.
Forgot to say that the sonographer showed us his bits up close so there is very very very very little chance that she is wrong. :dance:
We are going to probably find out, but don't plan on telling anyone. Nor names if we do. That way we can at least surprise everyone else with the whole kaboodle.

I'm not much in to being told by my friends what they are having. I tend to ask them not to tell me as I like the surprise.

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