i wee'd on the test window by mistake..very faint line!?


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Mar 4, 2011
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Ok so i did a cheap boots test with fmu and accidently wee'd all over the control and test windows. i couldnt see nothing much the first few mins, didnt really look properly(looking back now i should have watched and waited-school run) went back to it half hour later, i have a very faint line..very very faint..could it be an evap? its not my eyesight as my hubby confirms its there. if it was pos then id be very early. although ive been having symptoms my head tells me its a neg..wish i could upload a pic but its all coming up as a blur. xx
I hate to say this hunny but could be evap. The tests Ive used before now say ignore results after 30 minutes and also as you wee'd all over the test window and control window might be best to do another morning when you have more time and take the results after 5 mins :) X GL
thanks for the reply..i cant stop staring at this god damn test! which one do you think is the best to test with? and do you think i should wait? x
I did the same wen I was ttc, but ended up with no line in test or control window. Hard as it is I'd ignore it and test again-this afternoon if af is late or 2mrw if it's not xx
Yeah, could well be evap, Id do another tomorrow with fmu xxx
I agree, I'd do another and dismiss this one, purely because I would be questioning how valid it is etc. I always used to worry about peeing on the stick in case something like this happened, I got myself a little pot and dunked my tests - perhaps try that way next time?

x x
I just wanna run out now and buy a first response, but i dnt want to blow my money. its weird cus im on the mini pill but havent been taking it properly. i had a bleed a few days i started taking it for 4-5 days and i should be due another one last or this week if it was a real period-i cant work out dates prop. its prob the pill thats knocked out my period, but im having symptoms- which could also be the pill...my heads gonna burst! x
Thats confusing hunnie, it must be so frustrating. It's rubbish that hpt's are soooo expensive xxx
Test again again again!

I wouldn't be able to wait!! Woo hoo sounds gd babe xx

Asda's tests are fairly cheap. £7 for a twin pack of First Response. I got a twinpack of Predictors for... I think £8.50?

Plus the Predictor test is low sensitivity and says you can use 5 days before your period. I got my BFP on it. x x

ETA - Thanks Cosmic hun. :) x x
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Blow it Im gonna test today..for hygene reasons Ive gotta put this damn test down!! haha!

I have to view a house at 12 (hmm irionically we are down sizing) then im gonna go across the road to sainsburys and buy a fr! if thats negative then Im gonna assume im not pregnant and get it out of my head.

we werent supposed to be trying till this time next year, hubby is dishevelled at the thought of a baby so soon after April, I am half and half- but deep down Id be one happy lady!

just embarrased about going to buy another one in sains- when I bought one a few days ago (i did a test a few days ago that im gna assume was neg- a faint line came up then dissapeared straight away) the lady serving me said to my about my little one- "how old?" 4 months i say, "oh my god and you might be having another one already, you're brave!" I did not know where to put my head- I felt about this big(tiny)

Ah ignore her hun, if it's what you want and you're happy then who cares? :)

Just a little thought though, if it's negative, don't feel too disheartened, I didn't get my BFP til CD98 (though there's a tiny possibility I was on another cycle) and I thought it'd be negative but lo and behold, there was another pink line. :D

Some ladies take a little while to show positive, so you're not out til AF arrives. Hope she stays away from you!

FX for testing later, let us know how it goes. :)

x x
I think its lovely if you can have bubs close together, its a lovely bond between close siblings. What is it with checkout people voicing their opinions about whats in your trolley??? Do you remember that sketch on the fast show where Caroline Ahern was the checkout girl and she'd comment on each item that went through the till??? So true! Fx for you hun, keep us posted xxxx
I agree Cosmic, it's so irritating when they do that! :rolleyes: x x
Woohhooo good luck!

Stuff the check out woman- I got a few comments like that. Jealous that's all.

Let us know how it goes Hun xx babies everywhere xxx
Thanks all! I will do, gonna go out and test when I get back with a First Response, if its bfn I then have to assume negative cus it's driving me crazy....I have all the symptoms..and all morning Ive tasted blood metal in my mouth...if its negative then the body really does play tricks on us ladies its cruel!!

I had my first who is now 6 and she always asked me for siblings, there is an age gap between them both but shes totally in love with her sister, but I always kind of felt she was lonely..any way- whatever will be will be!

As for checkout lady- commenting was out of place as it was such a private item! Think I might go somewhere else for the test..and if anyone says anything Ill just say 'wish me luck' xx
I spent about £30 last month on HPTs lol. I got Superdrugs own, a Clear Blue Digi, £1 shop, Boots own and I used my own Ebay cheapie ones too that I already had in. Its sooo expensive when youre wanting a real result.
Well on the plus side all first response stuff in boots is bogof! just did test and it was bfn! gna use the other one tomorrow fmu then if its still neg resign myself to the fact that ive had an illness maybe and thats why im getting symptoms, the mini pill has knocked my periods out and the test was an evap/done wrong! i wasnt planning but cant help feeling dissapointed! but ladies........bogof for fr @boots!!! xx
ps- the control line is very thin but not faint..i did it right im sure....

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