i wee'd on the test window by mistake..very faint line!?

no..i used a cip..not making that mistake again haha! ill pop one up but its very blurry...was sure it would be pos..still feeling sick with this horrid metal taste in my mouth! x
It may well be too early hun, you never know. x x
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Ive tried 3 times and wont upload my file. its not faint or nothing just really thin like its been drawn with a pencil. im sure control line is fine and its just me!x
Depends which one.. The first response ones I did were thinner If I remember rightly . Whereas, tescos own were thicker xxx
yes you could be right. gna test 2moro with fmu and if still neg pray these phantom preg symptoms go away..cus ive got them all, and it was around about this time last year i found out i was expecting april. x
Well ladies..I did the other First Response with fmu and it was BFN! I know feel that I trust the result and all the symptoms were phantom or illness.

I've definately learnt my lesson with evap lines and will never trust a cheapy from Boots again. I've also learnt my lesson in the pill- take it or don't take it! Now I need to decide. Do I finish my education first(a diploma the hopefully onto degree with Ive waited 6 years to do) or give my kids the third sibling the I decided I would give them if I could.

Thanks for all your support and advice ladies, and good luck with all your :bfp: Think I'd have gone mental trying to express it all to my hubby. XX
Sorry to hear it hun. :hugs:

You're not out til AF arrives though. :)

x x
aw sorry to hear that hun but Miss July is right, youre not out yet. With regard to the diploma and degree only you can decide. Will the degree give you a fantastic guaranteed job opportunity that will give your children a lovely life but take you away from them hours wise or would it be wise to have another baba now while youre wanting one and ready and take up the degree later? I started a degree over a year ago and it was very hard, very boring and very long winded, needless to say, sadly, I gave up ! x
Thanks ladies, I think Im probably about a week late but I've assumed that its the mini pill thats done it. I'm still really symptomatic- cramps, backache and nausea. I've woken with the most evil cold and sore throat this morn so I'm sure it's all connected.

In regards to the degree, its midwifery which I've wanted to do since teen years. I've got a place at college to do the diploma that allows you to go on to the degree. I'm going to finish that, by Feb next year I'll know if I have a place(its so competitive, they take about 20 out of 1000!) If i get a place then my next baba will prob be about 5 years, if i dont then ill apply for 2013 and ttc feb 2012 to have my baba in that gap! Ive got it all worked out...plan plan plan..ill stick to it but go along with any changes.

just need to tell my boss im not going back to work in July! :oooo::oooo:

so for me im now wtt! however long that is! x
Sarahlou, the pictures of your babies are absolutely gorgeous!! Ahhhh :) Lovely name too :)


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