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Apr 15, 2008
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Started weaning talia at 16 weeks on purees but she much prefers finger foods now. My question is- how often should you be offering finger foods through the day. I give her little and often- she has a bit of something like fruit, pasta, toast, veggies every 1-2 hours. 9 times out of 10 she'll eat it all so i'm assuming she's hungry and wants it. Am I doing this right though? Should I be offering her larger meals and leaving a longer gap in between?
Thanks for any replies xx :)
With Cooper i offer him 3 meals a day. Brekkie around 8am, dinner around 12 and tea around 430. He has boob inbetween. I don't know that there is a right or wrong i think its just what suits you :D

ETA Breakfast consists of banana, toast or porridge. Dinner is pitta with hummus or philly, omelete, avocado sandwices followed by fruit.. pear, rasberries or kiwi with half a yogurts. Tea is cheesey pasta with veg, chicken dinner, cottage pie with veg, spag bol, salmon with potatoes and veg. All is home made and we sit and eat it together.
Not really sure theres a right and wrong way TBH, just what works for you. If it works then I would continue with little and often. However, if you feel you would prefer to do 3 meals a day then go for it and try it to see what reaction you get. You might find it a bit easier and less time consuming to do 3 meals a day then your LO can just eat the same as you rather than cooking seperate meals. Thats what I do with Maia, we both have breakfast and lunch together (sometimes Daddy has his lunch too if he's at home) and then we all eat our tea together. Maia has exactly what we have. For example today she has had toast for breakfast, then jacket potato with butter and cheese with fruit for dessert and tea was ham, leek & pea risotto and I threw some baby corn in cause it was left over from another meal and yoghurt for dessert.
Ella mostly has what we have now. For lunch today we had a sandwich (cream cheese) and for tea ravioli type filled pasta. She will have the sauce separately and the pasta for finger food. It's so much easier this way! She only had pureed fruit now.

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