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hi there


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Mar 16, 2011
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dont really know were to put this but its for a friend and shes needing a bit of advice she had an ectopic pregnancy 9 weeks ago and had 1 of her tubes removed doctor told her wait 6 weeks before sex again and she did everytime she has sex now after it she bleeds quite alot has any 1 every experience this and know what could be wrong just till she gets to docs find out whats happening x

sorry to hear about your friend - i had a mmc in feb and have had a full AF since then however everytimer we have sex i also get bleeding. ive read its normal for it to happen as still not everything has cleared out etc. im gonna leave it til after next af to see what happens and if its continuing or not.
I had a m/c in Feb although it wasnt ectopic but I have had bleeding after sex too. I put a post about it on here not that long ago and the responses was all that it appears to be pretty common. If it is particularly heavy she could always go to the dr if she is too worried.
its fairly common to begin with if it is heavy or continues for a long time then i would see the doc to be sure. x
yes it is common to bleed in that case.. even I would be worried. better consult a doctor as soon as possible..

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