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  • Babybo ! you have disappeared and left me..... how darn rude! come back and give me comfort! xxx
    Hi Babybo, didnt like to post on ur thread in first trimester with me not beig pregnant yet, but just wanted to say how pleased i am for you that the scan went well. the pics are amazing! hpe the pregnancy is going well. hope to meet u all in tri1 soon xxx
    Thank u for having me in ur thoughts!!!! I am feeling loads better, my dd has helped me no end! How r u feeling lady???? Much love x
    Hey Honey

    How are you feeling this week?

    I am a bit achey but otherwise the symptoms are easing off yay :)
    Hey I see you was a nanny! I was a nanny for 5 years until sep last year when I went travelling I loved that job!! Xx
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