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First Night Out?


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Feb 15, 2007
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Hi there, not sure where to post this really, well i had Lucy 6 weeks on Sunday and I love her to bits very good baby only gets up once in the night, anyway... I have been invited out this Saturday with a mate and I'm not sure weather to go? I feel a bit guilty Leaving lucy :( My OH is going to look after her but i can tell his not that happy about me going out,.... and he told me yesterday that he is going to work on saturday, so guessing he wont be in any mood to look after Lucy... I think maybe i should go out and have a break... is that bad of me?

I'd say you should go! The longer you leave it the harder it gets! I left it so long and now Brody is 9 months old and the longest I've been away from him is 3 hours! :oops:

Why doesn't your OH want you to go out? Do you think he's a bit nervous about having to look after her on his own?
I'm not sure really... we used to go out together alot,,,, i think maybe its weird for him for just me going out... i know he can look after Lucy fine... he was joking around the other night saying that he wont be able to change her nappy, and he will have to call me to come back! but he did just fine the other day...lol


Hun if you feel ready ide say go for it me im a wimp and cant leave my kids ive only left Kiara about 4 times and shes 2 in january lol Kadyn i have not left him yet and wont till Bernie 30th and he will be almost 8 months !!
Honeslty i wish ide have the guts to go out and enjoy myself so ide say go have fun and im sure your OH will be fine :)
I went out for the first time when Lola was about 6/7 weeks old.

It was only for about 3 hours though and she was in bed before i went.

I was upset that i left her but my oh was fine about me going out and it was nice to have a bit of time with my friends :D
I have no problem leaving JT with his daddy, i've been out a few times. I don't feel guilty cos afterall were both parents together and I watch JT whilst he goes out with his friends.

go out and enjoy yourself hun.. men are more than capable.. they just dont like to show it too much :lol:
hannah was 6 weeks old when me and oh went to glastonbury! (4-5 days long !)
I REALLY needed a brake. I had a hard time bonding with hannah and maybe had a touch of PND (not diagnosed tho)

I missed her alot, but also had a brilliant time, was great for me and oh to have somtime together alone also.

I would do it again, hannah was with her completly devoted grandparents, so i didnt feel guilty or bad.

i say go for it and have a great time
I think as long as they are with someone you trust then go and enjoy yourself! Me and hubby left Aaron when he was about 5 weeks with my mum to go to the cinema. It was only a couple of hours and did me the world of good! You shouldn't feel guilty hun, I'm sure your oh won't if he goes out with his mates!
Completely irrelevant but me and my husband had our first meal out together since Ellie was born on Friday. It has only take this long because we don't have any family living near by, and so we hadn't got around to finding somebody we trust to baby sit.

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