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Mar 18, 2008
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Does anyone else have problems reaching their mouth due to the bump being in the way, ruining tops, or is it just me??!!

Unfortunately i dont have a dining table and have to eat off my lap and its becoming a real problem! My OH keeps taking the p!ss as i cant seem to get the fork to my mouth without a spillage on the way!! :?

:lol: I was exactly the same! Embarrassing when we went out for meals :oops:

In the end I ate most meals from a bowl so I could lift it up closer to my mouth and when it was a meal that really couldnt be served in a bowl I sat my tray on loads of cushions on my knees to raise my plate.
:D My bigger boobies were more trouble than my Tummy lol! Although I always spill my food anyway Im so messy!
O I remember posting the exact same thing when I was in 3rd tri :lol:

I just used a bowl so I could hold it up over my bump. And ate with a spoon :roll:

Eating from my lap is a no go now, and the table is difficult also :lol:

Also found standing at the sink doing washing up harder...I cant reach the sink!! :rotfl:
Ha ha ha! This sounds just like me! I thought I was just extra clumsy - so nice to hear I'm not the only one ruining all my tops daily! I have even taken to tucking in my napkin into my collar when eating out now! Attractive....

Perhaps it's nature's way of getting us used to all that extra washing ahead of time?! :cheer:
Heehee I always have trouble but now I have double trouble lol! I cant open my mouth more than a couple of cm so usually knock my food off my fork lol! Now not only do I do that I also drop it on the way up hahaha I find it funny lol! Im so used to being a messy eater!
im the same hun have to say im also using a bowl for most meals its easier to hold with 1 hand while i eat with the other :oops: xxxxx
Oh the memories! You've just brought me right back to those days...changing my tops twice a day, bumping the tray or plates into my bump, having to sit with my legs sooooo wide apart and eat at the coffee table which was sooo low...

I actually miss all of this!! :lol:
I resorted to putting tissue on my bump to catch spillages :lol: . Ended up in the last weeks having to stand when eating as there wasn't enough room for food and a baby in my belly.

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