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  • Aw hunni i know exactly how you feel like i said im only just feeling normal but my wound still isnt healed, this started when bubs was 11days old he's 7wks now, but when i got test results from swab i was told i needed anti~b's to clear it, maybe you need some more?

    Im lucky my mum works at a gp surgery so has gotten me in with the nurse practitioner everytime ive asked, she's monitored it for bout 4 wks now and decided last week i needed another hit of tablets.

    I totally know how hard it makes life too espec with it being down below, it hurt me to sit/stand/bend xx
    Hello...I didnt actually get any to take cos of the strep b....i'm pretty sure it was just in the IV drip they gave me immediately upon delivery. I had to take further tablet antibiotics for other infections i got about 4/5 days after delivery and then again about 2 weeks ago....

    i have checked wound today and it looks to me to have opened again...i am fed up :( xx
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