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Nov 6, 2008
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Hello, I should have been 8 weeks 3 days today but instead i have spent all day at the hospital waiting for an operation as my babys heart had stopped beating. I had some spotting on Wednesday and then that turned brown yesterday and today, i saw my midwife yesterday and she told us it was nothing to worry about but i had an early scan booked in for this morning anyway. They did an internal scan and could see the baby but he had only grown to 7 weeks 1 day so they told me i had an incomplete miscarriage some time last week. They gave me the option of letting nature take its course which they said could take up to 6 weeks or have an operation today to remove everything which is what we went for. Feeling very sorry for myself now but we have a scan pic to remind us and prove we can get pregnant which is hopeful so once Xmas is out of the way i'm hoping for some good luck.

Rach x
Aww hun :( :hug: So sorry on your loss
I have had this happen to me 8 times (7) at 8wks and (1) at 10wks :(
i lost twin girls due to no hb in march just gone :(

a dnc is the best thing to have it cleans you out makes sure you have no left over after birth
i have had quite a few dnc hun and there not as bad as they sound i would rather have this
than have to wait 6wks its bad enough losing your baby with out having to keep hold of the baby for
6wks waiting round for it to happen if you know what i mean hun :hug:

I found out i have 2 blood clotting disorders and thats the reason to why i have lost
so many no heart beats after seeing heart beats on all my babies
I have 1 that is called lupas and tiny blood clotts form in baby placenta that stops
oxergen getting to babies so from now on i am having 150 mg asprin and 1 fragmin
injection a day when nxt pg ...

I wish you all the best and hope everything will be fine when your next get pg
if ever you want to chat mail me :) :hug: xxxx
Thankyou for your kind reply, i just feel a bit numb at the moment but i guess thats normal. The op was ok tbh, i thought the same as you, i would rather not carry him around for a few more weeks so went for the op. I'm hoping to get my periods back to normal so we can ttc again soon. Good luck to you and i wish you all the best, you must be so strong to keep going and that means you will make a fantastic mum to go through so much pain :hug: :hug:
Thanks everyone, :hug: :hug: :hug: big hugs for everyone and lots of luck for the future x x x
:hug: :hug:

keep your chin up love. we're all always here to talk :)

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