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does sickness and cravings determine the babys sex


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Sep 11, 2007
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just a bit of fun to see if there is a pattern forming.

im 18 weeks still sick in the morning, craving peanut butter cheese and cream cakes, as yet im not sure what im having as im only 18 weeks.....but i think a boy.

what cravings or sickness have you all had, and do you know the sex of the baby?
with my son i had nothing and craved pickled onions
with my daughter i felt sick really bad up to 20 weeks and craved ice
I have no cravings and I have had extreme sickness - but I don't know what I am having and won't find out till I give birth

My sister has bad sickness too and no cravings and she had a boy.

I don't think sickness and cravings do determine what you are having - I presonally think it is an old wives tale.
Protein and chocolate...oh and Pepsi Max :D
With my daughters I had slight morning sickness and wanted chocolate and other sweet things

With this one i had bad sickness but wasn't actually sick and want salty things and pickled onions and it's a boy!!!
cherylcusack said:
craving peanut butter cheese and cream cakes
....but i think a boy.

In that case, I've been pregnant with a boy for the past 31 years!
I have been dead keen on anything minty since I was about 11 weeks. I haven't had much sickness and no other cravings. No idea if all this can tell you gender, but for some reason my Husband and I are convinced we are having a girl. *shrugs*
Ive had no sickness and craved savory things and cheese (wotsits crisps especially). I they think im having a girl.
I havent had any sickness at all and no cravings really - we arent finding out until the birth what the sex is.

My sister was the same and she had a boy.
I havent had any sickness since 13 weeks :pray: and ive been craving sweet things and im having a boy
went off chocolate, bn craving fish and meat..was sicky till 17 weeks.. and i didnt have any sickness last time with charlotte..just felt sick till about 11 weeks... also i had heartburn from 6 weeks till the end with her... and havent had it much this time..
With the girls i felt sick and was sick a few times, with my first i craved cherry tomatoes and with my other little girl i craved jaffa cakes

With the boys i felt a bit sick up till 12 weeks, i had headaches too and craved beef (well steak)

This time i have been sick quite a bit and felt sick, i cant have anything too sweet (coke, chocolate ect) but im ok with fruit and veg
with paris I had awful sickness at first and bad cramps, craved sweets and salt :puke: with this one (which is a boy) I'm craving onions, oranges and milk oh and didn't have much sickness
With my boy I craved savoury things, especially macdonalds breakfasts :rotfl: with my little girl I used to eat whole lemons :shock:

This time i just can't lay off the Horlicks :shakehead: and I have no idea what I'm having, although we're hoping for a boy.
i havent really had any sickness, or any real cravings , except for needing more complex carbs...and it's a girl
With both my girls i craved fish. with my son i craved steak pie and mash gravey with green veg (sprouts) had this at 7am every morning. so when these cravings for pies came back i guessed a boy and was right. the m/s was worse and lasted all day and for longer in pregnancy with boys.

marie 25+3
I crave peanut butter, cakes, chocolate, crisps one day...
then fruit and veg the next.
I'm having a boy!
With Mason I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 17 weeks so didn't notice and cravings!

With Brody I craved oranges, orange juice, orange lollies and orangeade.

With this one (another boy) I haven't craved oranges at all but milk and chocolate and sweet things :)

Sickness wise I think I was a bit sicky at first with all of them until maybe 15 weeks then it went away.

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