Did your waters break?

Rachel said:
My waters broke even before I had any pain or anything. I thought I was p*ssing myself at 1st :oops: :oops: lol

Yes I had this too...But only 10% of labours start with waters breaking, most peoples gomuch later in hospital!
Mine broke at 32 weeks but I didn't go into labour. Was kept in hospital and they continually trickled for 9 days until DD was induced. The body replenishes the water as fast as it leaks so she still had plenty to swim around in!
my mind waters broke but not the main 1? ahah
i had them broen with a blue stick
and i was relieved when i knew riley was gonna have hair cos there was a hair on the end of the stick
MW broke mine with Josh, With Seb they went on their own. With every contraction another load of water came out right untill I had him. Was glad to feel clean and not like I was wetting myself when I got in the pool :D
I was induced and they were gonna decide wether to break my waters after 6 hours but mine broke after 4 hours thats when my labour started
Mine broke just after i had a show. It went all over my sofa and I thought it was never going to stop :rotfl: then i went to hospital and the midwife broke my hind waters which went on a bit too. i remember walking to the car as i was being sent home and it looked like i was wetting myself! :rotfl:

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