worried about waters breaking - please share ur experiences

I thought my waters breaking was amazing experince, i was at home and it was 3am in the morning i had been getting contractions since 12pm, i was surprised how much there was all over my sofa :rotfl:

With my 2nd baby i missed the excitment of my waters going as i had a section
I was induced but after hours of pessary been in I wanted to go to the loo even though i had already just been.I felt a pop inside me rushed to the loo and there was a puddle in my pants :rotfl: then i just gushed.
Glad you asked this question.... is one of my biggest fears! that I will be out and about and suddnely they will just go. I have my brothers wedding 2 weeks before my due date and one of my biggest worries if I go is that my waters will break infront of everyone and I will ruin the dress I have borrowed off someone from work!
I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that waters only 'go' before labour in about 50% of cases :think:

Like a lot of people in here I was already in hospital and it felt like a pop or crack.

Don't worry L, your might not be as spontaneous as you think :hug:
The midwife used that hook thingy on me, I remember being terrfied - but it was all ok

MIne broke with my first when i was at home i had just gone to the bathroom at 2am and sat onour bed and heard a wierd noise and felt really wet i thought i weed until i remembered i just went then when it wouldnt stop i knew it was my waters .
i think most peoples go at home or in hospital, id say very few go when ur out and about as u tend to stay in more towards the end. I got up for a wee and when i stood up it just gushed out (i had a lot of excess fluid) i was so shocked i didnt know if i was weeing lol i actually remember trying "to hold me wee in" lol. It was 6am. I went to the loo, more came out, went to get new undies and trousers to put on and more came out, seriously my upstairs was a mess :rotfl: thankfully OH cleaned it all up when i was in hospital :oops:

on a bright side, if they go in tescos u get free stuff :D
LilMissEmmylou said:
on a bright side, if they go in tescos u get free stuff :D

is it all the stuff you trash with your waters going everywhere... or are they so desperate to get rid of you they wheel you out with your shopping trolley without having to pay! :rotfl:
My waters went with willow at 36 weeks and i had just got in from shopping and sat on the sofa and the only way to describe it is it's like your knicker elastic snapping, i thought i'd weed my self so went to the toilet but it didn't stop but it wasn't heavy just like a light trickle, it got heavier if i laughed or coughed but apart from that it tricked until 3 days later when i had her, ow yeah i also caught some in a cup to make aure and it was a creamy white and clear mixture

With Conal they went a 28 weeks and i had gone to the toilet becaue i seen a pin prick amount of blood on my knickers, so i called the hospital and went in and then when i went for a wee they went on the toilet it wasn't much more than a wee but i felt the elastic snap :) again it wasn't heavy except for laughing or coughing but tricked until he was born 4 days later and because i was stood up when i was in labour i could feel it comeing out more the further down he got,

I think the release of sitting down took Willows and the realease of weeing took Conals don't think they would of gone just walking but you never know i might of just been lucky :D

All of your stories are really interesting to read and will come in very handy if me waters break........hopefully not while I am out shopping :oops:
My hind waters went first which was a very slow trikle which I had for 4 days... felt like discharge almost like a period but no blood...... had to be induced in the end and have my waters broken because I didn't go into labour.

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