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Apr 1, 2014
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Hi all,

I'm currently ebf my 5 month old. I'd like to cut down a little now and get her on a bottle a bit, mainly so I can have a bit more one on one time with dd1.

Anyway, I've started following her evening (6pm'ish) feed with a bottle, she'll usually have a couple of ounces.

To cut down do I just slowly replace one feed at a time? My current plan is to replace this evening feed with a bottle and then replace the lunchtime feed with one and then the morning feed. Ideally I'd like to get to a point where day time feeds are bottle and night time feeds are boob. Is this possible? Sorry I'm a bit ignorant, dd1 was breastfed until 1 so never had bottles
My DS is 7 Months and been EBF, I tried to get him on a bit of water but he can't use a bottle or none spill sippy cup lol, I will be getting a spillable one that he can learn to use.
I found that once he started solids he was BF a little less often anyway, I always offer after food but he's not always interested.
Your LO may take to a bottle unlike my DS, if so I would say just gradually introduce bottle at that time of day, many people mix bottle and boob so it obviously can be done :)
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Thanks for replying

We had a few days where she'd have a couple of ounces of formula after her evening feed but she's refusing a bottle again now. Nevermind. It's not something I need to force so I'll maybe keep trying a few more days and if she won't I'll wait until she's having some solids and try again

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