Solely expressing to bottle feed baby?

Lucy said:
Sorry Rosieroo - i've asked you this before, which parts of the medula can you sterilise? So I could decant into a bottle and keep it in the fridge and warm it when needed? What do you use to freeze breastmilk? I think I saw some sterile bags in Boots ages ago - would that be suitable?

Thanks for your replies

Olivia 1 wk

Hey :D

You can sterilise the bottle part and the bit that fits over your boob. You know the two bits that screw together? I pop them in my steam steriliser.
After I have finished expressing I either pop it into a sterilised bottle to use for later and put it in the fridge. I then either take it out about an hour before I use it or take it out and warm it in a bowl/jug of hot water. If I don't have enough for a feed then I pour it into Avent storage containers and put these in the fridge. You can mix breastmilk that has been expressed over a 12 hour period and put it in the same bottle as long as it's been chilled to the same temp.
The Avent containers can also be put in the freezer, so if its coming to the end of a 24 hour period and you haven't used it then just take it out and pop it in the freezer.

Hope this helps :)
I have taken to expressing so that Simon can do the later feed whilst get to bed about 10, Charlotte has shown no confusion with boob/teat. I struggled too Lucy for the first week, she is now feeding really well. Stick with it if you can its much quicker than expressing, but again, like Kim says what ever is good for you and yours.

Did everone know that you can get Lansoloh (sp) nipple cream on prescription, yeahhhh saves a tenner!!! prob telling you all stuff thats old news!!!
Did everone know that you can get Lansoloh (sp) nipple cream on prescription, yeahhhh saves a tenner!!! prob telling you all stuff thats old news!!!

Nope I didn't know this, thanks :D
Lucy said:
Hi Beanie
You don't mention what problems you are experiencing,
Olivia doesn't always latch on very well and gets really frantic and impatient and I find it really painful breastfeeding.

Have you asked your health visitor for help? Maybe you need a bit of advice on positioning. Also if you are a bit nervous your baby will pick up on it and get agitated too.

Also, I'm really nervous about feeding in public - where do you all do it when you're out?

I breastfeed anywhere, and I Know no one has ever seen any part of my boob. All you need is some baggy tops and just pop your baby's head under it. With practice it's the easiest thing in the world :)
Thanks everyone, great advice as usual! Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences.

I've expressed 4 oz from one boob (the one with sore nipple) and it feels so much more comfortable now it's not blown up like a balloon! I'll see if she takes it from the bottle tonight - if she does that would certainly help.

Olivia 1 wk

At first i have found b/f a real nightmare: constant feeding, baby crying... I ended up in tears so many times :oops:

But now Thomas is 2 months old, i am finding it a bit better. He is starting t feed every 2 hours instead of whenever, although it is still all over the place from 5 pm.

Thomas will have a bottle of formula once a day but he does get confused with the teat, it will take him time to know how to suck the teat and sometimes refuses it so i have to give him the breast.

B/f is not as glamourous as they say, it is bloody hard work!!!! However, I have found out that formula does not full him up more and I am using Apatamil for hungrier baby. But i have to say that now i am enjoying it more.

If you do not want to carry on, then do not feel guilty about it but it does get easier, it is just it takes time.
Hey Lauz - I can't stress enough that you must get up in the night to express a bit or your milk will go down because the hormone that controls milk production is released at night so it tells your body how much to produce!


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