contraception... what do you use?


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May 21, 2005
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I just wondered what you were doing about contraception. I've never been on the pill or had coil or anything. We've either used a RJ :oops: :oops: or just took greater care around ovulation. We both agree now that we will have no more children and I suppose we have to make more deffinite arrangements.... looks like the "snip" is only option for us. :think: :think:

Emilia xx
Sorry if I sound dumb, but what's RJ??
I'm waiting for the coil to be fitted and am avoiding ovulation by using ovulation sticks until it's fitted.
rubber jonnys sami lol (well i guess so anyway)
I have had the implant fitted and so far its been ok no side effects or irregular bleeding.
LOL.... :oops: :D :D Yep..... Rubber Johnny :oops:(is that a scottish expression?)
Ahhhh I get it now - why didn't I think of that. Have called them that but usually call them rubbers or jonny's :oops:
Hate condoms, they make me feel ill just looking at them. DF is ... ermm..... scared of them - without going into too much detail, lets just say he lacks the ability to perform very quickly :oops:

My body doesn't seem to agree with chemical hormones, the pill makes me moody/spotty/irritable/bitch-on-a-mission, the injection made me bleed for 9 months and I'm too scared to try anything else now. I'm having the non-hormone coil fitted.

Used the cap before, very interesting thing - not keen on that either. Can't use the one I had before I had Damien either as you have to be re-fitted after each child. I'd have the snip if I was definate I didn't want anymore children but obviously not an option right now. Don't think they'd do it when I'm still fairly young either.

My doctors are pretty useless though, they can't get me in to have the coil put in place till middle of May, and I booked the appointment a month ago already!! 3 month wait!! Same if I want the cap fitted - it's ridiculous. All the docs will give me is the pill :roll:
No I used to say it! Havent used that expression for a while though lol

I am scared of the pill because of weight gain/cancer risk. My mother died of cancer. I also tend to put on weight and be very hormonal even without the darn thing.

We use RJs, and are only beginning to get the hang of them really because neither of us are very experienced. :oops:

Neither will I use abortifascients of any kind like the morning after pill or stuff like that because they conflict with my beliefs.

Things like the coil or Depo-provera might be an option later, but for now it's RJs and being careful!

nothing :oops:

i never have with jase or my ex hubby.

we kind of use the "pull out" method :oops:

after the next baby Jase will be getting the snip tho, defo dont want more than 4 kids

We still use the 'withdrawl' (sp?) method no matter where I am in my cycle, even though I know pre-cum can leak a bit before. :oops:

What a subject! :lol:
Hi, I went back on the pill 3 weeks after having my baby, my partner and i agreed no more for a few years, ive got a latex allergy and cany use condoms. If your serious about not wanting anymore babys right away please dont use the withdrawl method, my sister tried that one and now shes expecting again shes 8weeks pregnant and her babies 4months. She was on the waiting list for the coil it was due to get fitted in a few weeks, her boyfriend got a floppy jalopy at the sight of a condom too but now their expecting a second baby and are still trying to come to term with it!! She was told after her 1st baby she wouldnt conceive again that was 14yrs ago, now shes gonna have two in a year. LOL xkelx :lol:
Sami said:
We still use the 'withdrawl' (sp?) method no matter where I am in my cycle, even though I know pre-cum can leak a bit before. :oops:

What a subject! :lol:

Ditto. Worked for us for over a year until we agreed to start trying. Before that I was on the pill. I'm happy to carry on with the WD method :) And I'm BF which is quite good as a contraceptive. I'm not ovulating (checked with sticks) and haven't had a period since I gave birth.
abstainance is the best form of contraception :wink:
trust you kim!!!

I am starting the process of having the marina coil fitted on monday.

We have been using Jonnies, but they make me sore and OH finds them tight and difficult to use (He's too wide!!!!!!) Sorry :oops: so it just makes the sex amusing rather than fun!!!

I don't want to use the pill as i forget to take it and i wouldn't trust myself with the non contraception method, i'd probably read the sticks wrong or something!!
Kim said:
abstainance is the best form of contraception :wink:

That's what I keep telling OH but he won't believe me.

We used the withdrawal method for years, and it worked for us. However am too scared to have another at the moment so its the RJ's for us at the moment
I am scared of the pill because of weight gain/cancer risk.
i didnt know that and i am on the pill but i dont think it is working my periods r really messed up, wot is the chances of getting cancer, you got me worried now
i dont want the coil and was thinking bout the implant or or injection r either ne good
Abstinence has worked for us since Alex was born :wink: . I go for my tests on Friday to see if the ligation has worked. Now I've come to terms with it, I'm quite looking forward to the freedom - even wondering if I should have gone for the hysterectomy then I wouldn't have periods to bother with either :D
layla said:
we kind of use the "pull out" method :oops:


Where I come from this is crudely referred to as 'getting off at paisley'. Paisley is the last stop before Glasgow so if you dont want to go all the way you get off there. If you dont come from my area this is pointless of me posting but I think its funny :D
:D :D :D :D :D :D
In Edinburgh we say "Getting off at Haymarket"... it's a typical scots joke.... i love it!!!
Sarah, I really don't know the details. Perhaps I should find out! I just know that the pill was always spoken about around me as having those risks. I hope I haven't scared you for nothing.


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