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Jun 10, 2007
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I have just emailed the college about going back next year, I have asked if it is possible to only take 2 subjects rather than the normal three as when I go back I will have a 7 month baby to look after as well.

Do you think it is likely that this will be allowed? My boyfriend who goes to the same college doesn't think they will let me Confused and im not if I will be able to cope with more than 2 subjects, I found college really difficult last year anyway... I find education a bit tricky generaly, ive never been all that motivated. But I know this will be a really good thing for me to do, getting some qualifications, im clever enough....

I just really don't want to try and take on too much, I tend to hide when there is lots of pressure rather than facing it head on, and I don't want to try and fail.
Well,my school let me do only 3 A levels instead of 4 8) hopefully yours will let you,I can't see why not,special circumstances and that
Well apparently they want to see me and speak to me about it in early January, fingers crossed! x
good luck hun...im doing the same but just going to concentrate on one subject because im like you i really dont like education...but im just going to grin and bear it for futures sake lol :pray:
good luck hun- i hope thay make it easy for u.
big up 2 u 4 juggling education with motherhood- i found both difficult separately i couldnt do them together! :clap:

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