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Jun 10, 2007
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Well I gave him the news today about the pregnancy thing.

Im sure he thinks ive ruined his life, he keeps saying college will be hard and i'll probably fail, then on msn pushing this open university course on me, saying he will pay and all.

I never really wanted to go to college anyway, I politly declined and he got really huffy and pushy, saying that my education was really important, blah blah blah.

I dont know what to tell him, he seems to think that pushing this on me is for my own good, but I honestly dont belive uni stuff is the best option for me. It's really annoying, and had kind of upset me that he doesnt seem, to think my choices are good enough :wall:
was your godfather your legal guardian?

i can see why he's saying all this, how old r u anyway?

does he have any daughters himself? it may be that he wanted the best for you

the same happened but with my dad.
he lives with his girlfriend and step kids.. and 3 of the step kids have babies now, and im at college, and he was saying, "you stick to your college you etc etc"
but then 3 months ago i told him i was pregnant, he didnt believe me at first, and said oh you silly girl. he's great now thought and can't wait.

when you get scan pics etc to show to him, he'll start coming round and start getting excited :hug:
My godfather is not my legal gurdian, he in fact forgot about me for about 8 years and i ended up contacting him again.

He doesn't really know alot about kids, he never had any, he just seems to believe its really important that I get a degree, when I never really wanted to go futhur than college even before I was pregnant.

He just seems to be trying to pressure me into it, and im not sure he really has the right considering he never really talked to me much anyway and doesnt really know a thing about me. He thinks ive already made a silly decision by keeping it, and im not sure he believes im capable of making my own decisions well.

Oh, and im 17, I can see why he's saying it, but i dont think he has the right to pressure me into anything. Im still planning to finish my A-Levels.
omg make your own choices chick, i feel pg 6 months out of school at 16, thats what i didnt have planned at all. i was 17 when i had Taylor and if anything he is the best thing in my life and that makes me want to do the best for us! im 18 now, yh everythings still not perfect but im getting there slowly! i found it really hard to tell my grandad, just get on with your pg and have a healthy glowin 9 months :hug:
I got pregnant during my A levels :shock: My family went ape and didn't speak to me and when they did said exactly the same things.

Life doesn't end after you've had a baby, yeah its hard but you can still study. I went back and finished off one of my A Levels the same year as I had little man, plus I am doing Open University courses too to better myself (obviously I've put those on hold as I am going to give birth in the next 3 months and they are 9 months long!!)

So do what you feel right, make your own mistakes, and you will feel so much more satisfied when you overcome them

Yeah, im trying to be sensible, I am finishing off my A-Levels after a year off, and im not ruling out any university stuff, I just feel very pressured, as my Godfather seems to think I should be doing it all as soon as possible even in my break from college which doesnt actuly work.....

my godfather doesnt seem to be talking to me at the moment :roll: Most annoying thing is I mentioned it to my Dad and he said 'well yeah, you do need to do a degree' I only got C D D D for my AS Levels, It's not like im super clever and throwing it all away.

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