Back to college after the easter hols!!

lol yeh i like kfc 2 :D but i havent been able 2 eat any fast food since i got pregnant so am lookin forward 2 my first kfc lol
i had a craving for KFC, well not realli but dont tell my dad it was a gr8 excuse
lol i use that excuse 2... if i want particular food i moan that i'm really craving it :D not sure if it will work after he is born tho lol x
it will for a while lol but not ages mine has well and truely disaapeared lol
lol well ill try it 4 a while :D c how long i can get away with it :lol:
yay just dont tell ya dad - as wen u move to colchester dont want him to tell me off lol
lol im workin on my dad!! he shud come round pretty soon!! x

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