Back to college after the easter hols!!


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Sep 2, 2005
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:( :( :( Im already a whole assignment behind, the new assignment has been given out last week so ive got so much to do. in reality i dont think im going to be able to cope with so much work to do and a baby ive got a feeling im going to waste a year getting completely stressed out, miss out on the next year of Careys life and then failing because i havent had the time.

At least i can pop down after every lesson and give my chubbychums a big hug :wink:

Anybody else planning on returning to college after baby is born? or is you have your babies are you planning on it?

Ive said instead of going college i could get a job and bring carey up with hard earned money instead of relying on benfits and my mum! but my mums having none of it she dont want me to lose out on my education.

Anybody else in this situation?

Amy x
hi amy

Well im not going cuz its too expensive will cost me 10,000 dollers for what i wanna take and thats enough money for a down payment on a house.
But depending on how expensive and if you can afford it ide say go to school, i would love to.
And in the long run you will be helping you and Carey get ahead.
Do what ever you feel is right hun, hope it all works out.
hi amy i no exactly how you're feeling! i did my as levels n finished them last july, college was going great but i got involved with the wrong guy and he convinced me that we were guna b 2geva forever etc and we needed all the money we cud get so i didnt go back 2 college in september, i started working. then wen i found out i was pregnant in november my x decided he didnt want anything to do with me or the baby so he just left us.
i lived with him in england, not close 2 any of my family and felt so alone. my mum n dad live in germany cuz my dads in the british army serving out here so i moved back and im now here with them. i cant go back to college until we move back 2 england and im the same as you. on the one hand i think i could just get a job when we go back and work for my lil boy... bt my mum wants me 2 go back 2 college and i no its right. in the long run ill be able to get a better job and support my lil man alot better once ive got that education. it probably is the best thing to do and although you wont spend as much time with him as you do now you'll appriciate every minute u spend with him and you will both get used 2 it. and like you said, at least you can go and see him after every lesson so that will make it easier!
jus also wanted 2 say congrats, bout u and matt... i no its not on this post but still wanted 2 say it!! it reali gives me hope that 1 day sum guy will be man enough to be responsible 4 my lil boy seen as his dad cudnt care less. im guessin troy is careys dad... well hes obviously just jealous and doesnt want u 2 be with anyone else! i understand about u bein worried what other people think because carey is mixed race and you and matt are white... my x was mixed race so i could one day be in the same position. but as long as u and matt care about carey and each other its all that matters. matt sounds like a great guy and im sure he wud understand if u sed u werent ready 2 sleep with him. i no it must be worryin 4 u that troy is having carey over nite but like katrina said, it might be good 4 u 2 have a breather.
wow this is long !! :D soz its soooo long... just had loads 2 say... thort i mite aswell put it in 1 post lol
hope you and carey are ok... take care
hayley xx
Thanks for your replies.

katrina, it wont cost me anything to go college - i used to get £30 a week for going but not sure if im entitled to that anymore but if not there is help i can receieve from the college to help with bus fares and books etc.

yeah i know exactly how you feel hayley..working is better now as we need money but in the long run surely our boys will appreciate us being able to afford the clothes etc that all the other kids are wearing..maybe its better being skint when there too young to be embarressed lol
Aww thanks aswel hayley :D Don't worry you will find someone that will love you and your lil man soon enough theres plenty of us that can do it :dance:
yeh i agree...!! goin 2 college now and getting sum kind of education will be better in the long run for the boys. i cant wait till my little man is born... :D :D im so excited!!
yeh i hope i can find sum1 2... if anything gettin pregnant has really made me so cautious about guyz and i just think they are after 1 thing and i find it hard 2 trust them... maybe thats just me??
i hope u and matt stay happy, lyk i sed he sounds like a genuine guy and the fact that hes willing to take carey on as his own, in my eyes, makes him great!!
good luck and i hope u n ur lil man stay happy!!
take care xx
yeah i know your right!

the lads only after one thing, thing i dunno really. I do believe we get seen as 'easy' coz we have kids though and most people just automatically stereotype us as slags when they see us with a bump or a pram! grr..

So have you got any names planned for baby?
i wish i could go back to college but i couldnt afford it i need the money from working!! i may ddo a home study course soon as well as working but i dunno were ill find the time
yeh i no we alwayz get looked down on... its horrible... wen i go 2 the hospital 4 scans they alwayz talk 2 my mum, not me... i jus wana scream hello... my belly, my baby!! lol
all of us on here arent slags... everyone just assumes we r... i get so looked down upon because i live in a small english community in germany... theres not that many english people and everyone nos everyone...!! i get thought of as sum little slag when im not!! my x was the only person id ever slept with!!
i duno about names...!! got loads but i dno!! did u have any other names when u were havin carey?? i lyk owen... bt i dno! his middle name will probs b andrew cuz thats my dads name n my last name is jackson... so anything that sounds ok lol
take care xx
we should start an h8 people who look down there nosies at us cllub lol

wen i was pregnant i had
cant remember the rest lol but i always had the middle name andrew for a boy
I really like the name owen, I like -


the list goes on!! lol

yeah i agree sarah lets start that club ;)
heya. i gotta go back to school 2 :cry: :cry: :cry: i dno when tho. my mum will make me go back after the summer hols lmao so i have ages! i have already missed choosin options n shit and i wna miss tha sats. :D
i no wt u mean amy n hayley. ppl c me as a slag :cry: n they always used to talk 2 ma mum at the hospital but now when i go on my own then theyv gotta tlk 2 me :D :D :D
love xx willow xx
yeh i totally agree with th club!! :D i hate it wen ppl talk 2 my mum, its lyk they are embarrassed 2 talk 2 me... its so stupid... im not embarrassed, hes my son n if theres sumthin they need 2 ask they shud ask me!!
yeh i love all them names... now ive got more 2 choose from lol cudnt have kai though, my sister had a lil boy a cuple of yrs ago who was born at 22 weeks n he died 6 hours after he was born... she called him cai so i think it would be 2 weird... its a gorge name tho!
i cant wait 2 have my lil man :D goin shoppin agen 4 him 2moz :D :D cant wait!! thanks 4 all ur suggestions tho :D defo given me sumthin 2 think about !!
take care xx

Its too bad they dont talk to you girls but good for you Willow that you go by your self but its still pretty sad that you have to do that just to get spoken to.
SHOPPING again hayley wot on earth do u keep buying lol??

wen i went to hospital for my blood pressure they kept asking my dad how high it had been thro (the pregnancy that id knowen about lol) like hed know his a man lol
lol i dnt alwayz buy things!! sumtimes jus go lookin 4 things... gives me sumthin 2 do lol
yeh i no i hate it wen they do that... its alwayz at the hospital wen im avin scans n things that they talk 2 my mum... its stupid cuz im like hello... its my body!!
hope ur all ok... anyone doing anything nice this weekend??
take care
hey sarah, seen the ipswich score, was lookin out 4 it :D they did okies i spose... hope u ada gd day :D
that was BAD we should have won lol
and if someone had injured that ref we would have lol i did volenteer
lol i watched it on the championship on sunday :D was watchin out 4 the score 4 ya :D did u ava gd day even tho u shudda won?!?

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