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Christmas Bloopers?


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Mar 11, 2006
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Share your bloopers.

Christmas 2007 Caitlin was born 2nd December I did the potatoes 3 times because I forgot they were on the stove and they turned to serious mush :lol: I was soooooo upset and gave the OH a right ear bashing ....had to be someones fault but mine right? :lolly:

Last year I was wrapping christmas prezzies up ...ones for friends that needed posted before the mad post rush & to other parts of the world ...posted them off then a couple of days later started to wrap up my ladies birthday prezzies :oooo: I was horrified ...I had christmas paper in my hands :lol: pinkish fairy christmas paper of course I had bought a simular designs (pink and fairys) with happy BIRTHDAY on for my DD! All my friends with girls got their christmas gifts wrapped in fairy birthday paper :wall:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not really had any myself, but my mum forgot to switch the oven on at the wall one year, put the oven on, assumed the light had gone out (but it had never been on,) stuck the turkey in the oven and was still raw 2 hours later before anyone even realised :rofl: Couldn't cook it after that so had pizza for Christas dinner. Not nice!
Last year i was telling my FIL about how Jon used to send me round the pub getting free drinks and fags off all the old blokes and couldn't work out why Jon was looking at me like he was going to murder me and his Dad was looking all confused.... turns out that even though he's smoked for more than 5 years he's never told his Dad who's very anti smoking!

I had never noticed him not smoke in front of him in over 2 years and when Jon tried to do some damage control and say the fags were for me because I used to smoke (I didn't!) I was like "Jon, you liar- I used to get you about 20 a night!"

..... needless to say I am not allowed to talk without asking permission now...!
:rofl: last year or the year before, we got a rib of beef to have, cos we were having xmas dinner at my mum's on xmas eve (family tradition). so i got it out the freezer, left it on the side and some twat decided to put it in the fridge :lol: i was very unimpressed when i came to cook it and it was frozen solid!!
I normally cook my turkey/meats xmas eve and prepare all the veg as well so all I have do on xmas day is heat it all up and do the potatoes. A few years ago I thought I'd be smart and set the timer on my oven to cook it all from the morning :lol: Except our electric went out at 9am and never came on again until nighttime :rofl: Dinner was late that year!
:rofl: good thread :thumbup:

well last year we all kinda walked around in a daze, but nan died the 17th dec and we were waiting on her funeral on news year eve. as per usual gramps and dad went to the pub at lunch time, come back as i was taking pictures of maddi, and he proceeded to fall off the bed! we all laughed! and tbh, we cried and laughed all day.

another one, was about 10years ago, sitting at the dinner table, which happened to be next to the tree. cat around gramps' feet, he leans down to feed it and falls straight into the xmas tree - nan always said he shouldn't drink at xmas :lol:
:rofl: was it a proper tree carly? can just imagine all the spikes everywhere!!
Not a blooper as such but I find it really funny, as I didn't realise what was happening at the time.

Not last year the year before I decided to do the dinner for min and Ants family so around 9 of us, thought this was best so kids couldplay with there stuff with out interupptions.

Anyway I'm in the kitchen quite happily diddling about doing dinner singing along to radio etc...
having a cheeky glass of wine whilst getting it all ready, people kept coming in and out getting drinks etc..
What I didn't realise was that every person that came in the kitchen kept topping my glass up, I just didn't notice as I was so busy, I served starter fine but a bit wobbly, I thought it was a mixture of hunger and heat.
1/2 hour or so later I serve main meal,people had yet again been topping my glass up :lol:
all I ate were the roast potatoes I was 1/2 pissed!!!:party:
well of course everyone thought it was hilarious, 6 empty bottles were in the box on boxing day, I'mthe only one who drinks it, how I didn't pass out is beyond me.

last year I kept a close eye on my glass and enjoyed the dinner :rotfl:
LMAO i remember the christmas paper fiasco Wobbles, tbh i wouldnt of noticed if you didnt point it out!!
Oh boy LOL!! I thought it was mainly my abroad gifts that got effected ...thats worse now :rofl:

OMG Jo :rofl: that was mean but funny!
:rotfl: I thought it would amuse you lot
I still find it absolutely hilarious and how I managed to do it all in that state is beyond me, I can't usually undo the buckle on my shoes after 1 bottle never mind that many :rotfl:

happened to my auntie once (rip auntie) she burned the whole dinner but had a great time herself :rofl:
Now burning a whole dinner takes soem doing!! as long as she had fun :rofl:
:rofl: jo thats amazing!! xmas is the best for drinking...we have a champagne breakfast every year! well, i missed out last year!
:rofl: was it a proper tree carly? can just imagine all the spikes everywhere!!

thank goodness no! and he wonders why we don't both with a real tree :lol:

:rofl: omg jo thats so funny!!
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