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Feb 11, 2007
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Am i right in presuming that u pay this lady to make predictions for you online as far as when she thinks you will get pregnant etc? Im a little confused but keep seeing posts about it, is this a member of the forum or through another website? :?
her website is cheri22.com she does predictions for free but you have to wait or you can pay and get a prediction done asap

she does different kinds of predictions i think :?
How much does she charge?

I just think its mad that someone can predict things over the internet :?
i paid yesterday, was only about £3.50. :) havnt heard anything yet but ill give it time
happy_chick said:
How much does she charge?

I just think its mad that someone can predict things over the internet :?

i can totally understand what you mean, i paid for a prediction after little*red's prediction came true :shock: i think its kinda for fun in a way but she has been right for some people! i guess its the same as those who call for predictions to those numbers advertised in mags etc :?
Ahh i see! To me it just says money making scheme, I really dont see how someone can predict something like that online its just madness... but i spose its up to the individual.

Ive emailed cheri22, will be interesting to see what she predicts for me :lol:
Hope you get an interesting reply HappyChick. Cheri22 also has an interesting blog too, after receiving my prediction from her we emailed each other for a week or so just talking about general things. She came across as a lovely lady :D
I had a prediction from her. She got it right for me. She said July and this baby is due 7th July
Ive been thinking about my Cheri22 prediction and If she is right, and Im not pregnant this month, then that gives me 2 more cycles to try (meaning we succeed in the 2nd cycle). It does make sense that this could happen as my OH and I are changing our lifestyles drastically come New Year, meaning that we will be eating better, doing alot more exercise and he will stop drinking pretty much. Also, I now understand my cycle and charting so much better that we should time our BDing perfectly, so these 2 things give us so much more chance.

We didnt get it right for at least the first 6 months of TTC so I dont feel so bad that we havent succeeded straight away. If only I knew how important CM and temps were at the beginning Im sure Id be quite pregnant by now.
The way I see Cheri22 is that its a couple of quid for a bit of fun - I'd spend more buying magic medicine :D

It does give a little hope - when AF arrives you think well thats ok - its not meant to be my month anyway. But the bit that puzzled me is that (like a few more on here) the child she described would be exactly how you would expect a child of mine to be like. I certainly never told anyone that I used to win awards for short story writing, or that I spent most of my childhood (well until I discovered boys and alcohol) up a corner with a book

and I never had my fortune told etc until this year - and no I don't believe everything but well whats the harm :think:
More than anything, she gives hope, which I believe to be very important when TTC, you gotta think positive!!

The way she described my future daughter just sounds so much like me and my OH. Im naturally blonde but he is dark, and she said she would be my height and build. The personality thing was uncanny though, half me half him. She also started my message with something very personal which I had not mentioned to her but she knew about it. I didnt post that bit on here as it was so personal, but that really spooked me, how could she have known?!! Obviously it was child related, but only me and one other person in the world know about it. Very strange, but Im glad as it made me very happy and has given me more reason to believe that she is genuine.
I think for some of us it gives back a tinee weeny bit of hope even if it is a bit of lighthearted fun...

i know for me I could do with the light heartedness at the moment of a predication to give me only a wee bit of hope, after two miscarriages and about three months of unsucess it does make u feel very depressed. (I can;t imagine how those who have been trying for longer must feel :cry: )

Maybe if i was pregnant i might see things a bit differently but atm i don't, the longer time gos by the more negative i become...

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