Cerazette - Anyone else on it?


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Nov 10, 2009
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I have been on this from about 2 weeks ago.. And well to say the least.. I am a she-devil.. I am a serious sharp tongued, cheeky, bad tempered, moody witch :( It's so unlike me.. I don't know how many times I have went off on one recently, it isn't like me at all.. I can't control my emotions, I cried for a full 2 hours, hard, heavy crying over the stupidest tinyest thing.. I feel so silly! I have never been on a pill before, does this mean this certain pill just doesn't agree with me or do pills take time to settle in?
They usually take a bit to settle in, thats why they only give you 3 months at first. Ive been on cerazette but really wasn't keen. Made me feel too crazy lol. Sometimes it can take ages to find the right pill for you, its so annoying. I hope all the crazyness dies down soon for you!!
Cerazette is evil! I was on it for a few weeks, bled the entire time then when I came off I didn't have a period for three months!
I'm the same on cerazette as Tonks, and Microgynon did the same. Felt like my head was caving in. The only ones that were ok for me were Dianette and one that sounded like a womans name (something like violet or something), can't remember now. Certain pills do make you crazy though. I thought I was going mad!!
I took it for 3 years no probs, then tried to go back on it after DS was born and just bled all the time so had to come off it again...xxx
The nurse said this was the closest thing to the implant.. So completly in 2 minds on wether I should get it in or not.. I'm my own worst enemy at the minute.. And not very pleasant to be around to say the least
I took Cerazette before coming of my pill to try for a baby. I didn't like it at all - part of the reason for stopping taking it actually! I found I felt sick quite often and generally I just didn't feel myself! Also, my periods were so irregular and weren't proper periods. I'd go for several weeks with nothing, then a day of spotting and then a couple of weeks and then a full period. I couldn't keep track. I didn't like it at all. It could take you a while to adjust to taking a pill and the symptoms you describe could be down to other things. But I think it's worth talking to you GP.
I hated it. I bled like something from a slasher movie ....not good.
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Cerazette gave me awful spots - and I never get spots. So it only lasted 2 months with me.

It's not getting many good reviews is it?

The last pill I was on was yasmin. It's got less hormones in than other ones, I was fine with that one.
I tried this and it turned me into a real bitch! Was a great form of contraception thou cos DH didn't even want to be in the same room as me let alone the same bed :rofl:

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