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    Before I fell pregnant I was in the best shape of my life, fit, active, lifting weights and finally comfortable with myself. I did plan on keeping fit and active through pregnancy but that just didn't happen. I didn't have the energy, I felt horrific and it was just too uncomfortable alongside the fact my hubby and parents really didn't want me doing much being old fashioned and thinking I could put baby at risk, so I cut down a lot and only did light to moderate exercise when I could.
    I gained a lot of fat and with that came cellulite, I have always had a little bit but this was something else and I find it very unsightly, like I will never feel comfortable in shorts again. Though I didn't worry too much thinking I could probably get rid of it afterwards.

    Anyway, I'm now 8 months postpartum, have lost almost all of the baby weight (just a couple of lb to go), I am at the gym twice a week back on the weights, nothing like before yet but I'm gradually trying to work my way back up etc.
    BUT despite the weight loss and toning back up the cellulite just is not shifting.
    I am still breastfeeding so not sure if that has any effect?
    Will it ever go or should I just start trying to accept that it's there for the long term?
    I am only around 50kg/7st10 currently and always been petite/short, so it's not like I have much left to loose.
    Did yours ever go or is it just part of becoming a mum for a lot of us?
    I would like to think I could get rid of it, but if that's unlikely I need to just learn to accept and live with it I suppose.
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    I'm sorry I have no tips for getting rid of it I have it on the back of one leg and I always wear tights if ibe something abit shorter on as it doesn't make it as noticeable
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    In my personal opinion, cellulite can be gotten rid of, yes with a bit of hard work, but i believe it can be gone.

    Where is the cellulite in question?
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    Its not caused by breastfeeding, its just the way the fat under your skin looks. Unfortunately once you've gained weight your fat cells grow and eventually split, but when you lose weight they don't fuse back together, so the cellulite stays. I view it as stretch marks - once its there you're stuck with it. You can tone up and build muscle, which will make it far less noticeable, but you can't completely remove it.

    I've always been small and into fitness, and I've had cellulite on my thighs since I was about 18. I tried all the creams/treatments out there as well as really focusing on that area with weight training. It did make it less noticeable but it never went away. I've been lucky that I haven't gained much weight in pregnancy so I don't have more cellulite. What I did have before probably looks worse since I've stopped the weight training though... I have learnt to not care anymore - pretty much every woman has it and I guarantee you think you look worse than you really do. x
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    I have seen my cellulite decrease when I ate loads of veggies, meat and low carb. Lifting weights helped me tone my body but fat loss happens with diet.
    I get the worst cellulite when I eat loads of junk food.
    Have you tried changing your diet?x

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