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Castor Oil


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Feb 6, 2005
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What are your views on Castor Oil?

I bought some yesterday and was planning on taking it tonight with orange juice but don't know if I have the guts.

What do you think?
i dont think i would have the guts lol

We were severely warned off it in our NCT class. Basically it works on the principle that it will irritate your bowels to the extent that it could stimulate contractions. However for most women they just end up with violent diarrhoea and feeling really miserable. Even if it stimulates a few contractions, it often doesn't result in effective labour. Also, even if you did go into labour as a result, talk about uncomfortable - having to deal with contractions as well as rushing to the toilet every two minutes. If you have diarrhoea you'll also probably be dehydrated - basically not recommended. Besides a really hot curry should stimulate the bowels and probably would lead to the same outcome - it will work for you if your body's ready to go into labour but if it's not, then it's most likely to just give you an upset stomach.

However I've never tried it myself, and who knows what I'll try when I get desperate - I really don't want to go overdue!!

Good luck


I tried it when I went overdue with my son. It just gave me really bad stomach cramps and I had to sit on the toilet all day!!

I would go for Clary Sage or other essential oils said to stimulate the cervix. Reflexology is also supposed to be very good, they offer it for free at my hospital if you go overdue.

Good luck!
i think im the queen of this stuff i tried it that many times lol.... it gave me some belly ache, but i found if i went to sleep straight after i didnt notice them. i got slight diareah a few times... think it will all depend on how much u take... i did alot of research on medical sites before i started taking it ( being a student nurse i have access to alot of medical sites for research details :lol: )

i did 4 teaspoons at a time. if no effect within 4 hours i took another 2 teaspoons... i found mixing it will grapefruit juice was better. the taste aint that bad.. taste like them cheap lip sticks u played with as a kid he he he. its the texture which makes u gag.

i didnt mix it with the drink.. i put the castor oil in my mouth spoon at a time and then drank juice until i cud not feel the oil in my mouth...

hopefully some of this info will help you!!! but in my opinion after 5 weeks of trying pineapple, sex, curry, castor oil, aromatherapy, reflexology, walking, several sweeps BABY WILL COME WHEN BABY WANTS TO!! ha ha ha ha
I used castro oil with my last 2 children and I was in labor within hours without having any diarreha (spelling) but it will only work if your body is READY to go into labor! My midwife always said you must be atleast 3cm dia. in order for you to be ready. The one thing it did do was increase my contractions and made them stronger. I will worn you it maybe the nastiest thing you will ever drink!!!! Everyone has their own opinion on it but it I personally would do it. Just be prepared for more intense contractions and only do it if you are atleast 3cms already because if you are not then you may just end up in the bathroom which will not be good!!! :shock:

Good Luck let us know what you do!

xoxo Ree
Well guys I took some yesterday and it didn't work. I don't think I took enough tho and I actually hadn't eaten very much yesterday so my stomach was probably empty!

I Have been eating all day so going to take some tonight - if it doesn't work tonight then I am giving up!

Thanks for your replys!!!!!!! :)

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