Castor and cod liver confusion!


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Apr 7, 2005
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I've noticed on this board lots of people recommending Cod Liver Oil to bring on labour or saying that they've tried it, not to try it etc.

Is it just me or are we talking about CASTOR oil?
I'm getting really confused, I only ever heard of castor oil being used before, and I think if we are talking here about castor oil we need to be careful what women here are being told as the info they are getting here could be incorrect. If you do a search for COD LIVER on this board, 36 matches come up!
As far as I know, cob liver oil is fine during pregnancy, but if women are told to try it to bring on labor they may be a little disappointed!

i know what you mean, i keep seeing things for cod liver oil to.

My sil took castor oil and that brought labour on, but i have never heard of cod liver oil doing that until the other day on this site. confusing
i was told not to use castor or cod liver lio to bring on labour as it basically acts as a laxative for you AND the baby, which means baby could pass meconium in the womb and could inhaled/swallow it.
which is not good.
personally i didn't risk it.

i tried raspberry leaf tea, and that seemed to work
What I meant was, the only place I've ever heard cod liver oil mentioned to bring on labour is on this forum.

Is it really a laxative etc, or are people just getting it mixed up with castor oil?
I've looked online and can't find cod liver oil mentioned anywhere to help bring on labour.

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