What do you reckon to this?? Castor oil induction......


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Nov 19, 2007
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Just found this on the internet.... what do you think??

Castor Oil Induction
What is a castor oil induction?
In an attempt to start labor, some women will drink a mixture of castor oil and juice. The various recipes for this mixture are generally called a "midwife cocktail."

Why does a castor oil induction work?
Castor oil stimulates the bowels in the same way an enema would. For some unexplained reason, when the bowel is stimulated to empty in this way, the uterus is also stimulated to empty. A study in Alternative Therapies, January 2000, reported that 57.7% of the mothers given castor oil began labor in the specified time period while only 4.3% of the mothers not given castor oil went into labor.

2-6 Hours after drinking the castor oil, the mother will experience diarrhea and should begin contractions.

According to Fundamentals of Pharmacology 4th Ed.
"Castor oil in itself is not an irritant ... but must be metabolised into ricinoleic acid, a potent intestinal irritant. Ricinoleic acid can be absorbed and, as it also stimulates uterine smooth muscle, was used with some success to induce labour in pregnancy."

How do I do it?
There are many "recipes" for the midwife cocktail. They are all built around 2 oz of castor oil (around 4 Tablespoons).

Because castor oil is unpalatable alone, it is mixed with orange juice, grape juice, or tea. Some recipes encourage large volumes of juice to dull the flavor of the oil. Other recipes use only equal amounts of oil and juice so the mother has less to drink.

One recipe I found recommended mixing the oil with a glass of juice and a teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to give the cocktail the feeling of a fizzy drink.

NOTE:| Please be aware that use of castor oil orally will result in some unpleasant side effects. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are common in castor oil inductions and are not only uncomfortable during labor but can cause the mother to become dehydrated. Be sure the mother who tries this is drinking enough fluids. Some experts recommend using an enema, which they feel will give the similar results with less discomfort.

Some sample castor oil induction recipes:
These are recipes that I have found while surfing the web or have had e-mailed to me from readers:

2 oz of castor oil mixed with 2 oz of orange juice concentrate. Drink one or two glasses of water immediately after the cocktail.

2 oz of castor oil mixed with a large glass of juice. Serve in a glass with crushed ice.

3 tsp castor oil mixed with a glass of juice and 1 tsp baking soda.

Mix 2 oz castor oil and some cola together, follow with 2-3 crackers.

2oz. of oil with a cup of ice cream and 8oz. of coke... Kind of like a rootbeer float

1 tablespoon with some juice (in a special cup top make it more ceremonial), half an hour later another tablespoon, half an hour later another tablespoon if necessary.

Thank you to all the midwives and moms who continue to offer new and interesting ways to try a Castor Oil Induction!
I went overdue with Jordan and I tried that.

I had a pint of orange juice with a load of caster oil in it.

Didn;t work, just gave me the squits :rotfl: :rotfl:
Truthfully I can't think of anything worse.

You are basically forcing your bowels to contract and if you are lucky it will start contractions. You'll also probably have the runs and I am sure that would be lovely during labour. And if no contractions then you'll just have the runs. You run the risk of becoming dehydrated if you get the runs and don't take in enough fluids. And there is no way of knowing if it will actually work. You may simply end up on the loo for 3 days and make yourself ill.

I am a great believer in baby will arrive when baby is ready. Forcing them out before they are ready surely can't be a good thing. And if a woman goes overdue and there is a medical need to induce then to do so in a proper medically controlled environment with trained professionals. That way Mum and baby can be monitored to make sure there is no distress or problems. If you are induced in hospital they monitor baby and Mum for a reason.
I have to agree with Sherlock here.
Baby will come when its ready, i for one would not have had the stomach to try it anyway :puke:
I agree too im afraid, ive also read somewhere that effects of the castor oil can be passed to baby and they are more than likely to pass meconium inside you, which can lead to foetal distress and possibly a section. I dont think its a good idea tbh you could do more harm than good
There's a lot about this on German pregnancy forums, usually a mixture of sparkling wine, apricot juice and castor oil, which frankly sounds vile. They recommend only using it with a midwife's "ok" and apparently it's not without risks as explained above, but there's a lot of women on these forums who try to find recipes when they get bored of being pregnant at around 38 weeks. I wouldn't want to try it, I don't think.
Hey Solo! Wow! You're so far now! :shock: It goes so quickly...

My MW joked about this at my 38 week appointment. When I questioned her sincerity, she said she had suggested it to a few of her patients!

My neighbour took it when she was overdue and went into labour - It was a pretty quick labour and the she did have the runs but not while she was in labour, luckily they went before she needed to push from the other hole :lol: lol
I have to agree too, i know i thought about it when overdue with DD but just could not do it especially with the side affects.. your 38 weeks, you could start on your own ANY DAY hun :hug: hang in there x
i actually tried this when i was pregnant with my oldest 15 years ago everyone was doing it then it didnt work for me it was completely foul :puke: and i was up all night with severe stomach cramps and the runs and really not very well at all i was dead on 40 weeks when i tried it and ended up having luke at 41 + 1 i would definately never try it again and would advise everyone to avoid this route :D xxxxxxxxxxxx
My mum took castor oil and orange juice when she was pregnant with me and she said it was vile......nearly made her sick and gave her the runs for 2 days :?

It must have worked though because I came 8 days early :cheer:

Personally if I want to give myself the squits to get my bowels contracting..... I'll just let hubby cook my tea for me :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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