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Mar 13, 2005
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Hi all

I am really excited, DH and I have been into town and have started buying for the baby's nursery :D

We are decorating it with the Zeddy and Rhubarb, Mamas and Papas range it is adorable!! We have ordered the curtains and wallpaper border (they should be in next week) and have bought a pair of tie backs and a towelling cuddle robe and bath mitt set. We had a look at the cot / beds too and have seen one that we really like, it is the Harewood Cot / Bed so next time we will start to buy the Zeddy and Rhubarb bedding etc - it is going to cost a fortune but will be well worth it!!

Oh I dont know whether I am abit premature in buying things. I have quite a few bits. I have also seen the nursery furniture I really like but the thing is it is on sale at the moment in MFI and the sale ends on Wednesday, I thought I would order it and delay delivery until I was about 25 weeks, what do you think?

Hi Lindsay,

We have also decorated in the Zeddy and Rhubarb range, wallpaper, curtains etc. all ready up. We also got the cot from M&P's, the vintage range... I'll post a picture for you sometime. I agree with you though, it looks lovely!!!

nice one lindsay hun make sure you take pics when its done cant wait to see it :D xxxx
Orrr thanks girls, it is such an exciting time can't stop smiling :D I keep getting the m&p catalogue out and looking at cot/beds :D

your nursery sounds like its going to be lovely... i can't wait to be at your stage... last nite i made a list of the things i need... i've bought quite a few little things already... we've decided to go for the savannah furniture from mamas and papas... i want the cot/bed, changer dresser, wardrobe and the bookcase.... its lovely...

think i'm going for barnaby bear decor..

take a piccy of your ursery when finished... looking forward to seeing your hard work.

just been on the MFI web site... they have a very similar bedroom furniture to the mamas and papas we've chosen... Savannah... I'll still go for the mamas and papas dresser/changer because it's really nice. But i think i'll go for the MFi wardrobe, bookcase, and cot/bed... we'll make a savings of £410... wow!!!!

Yes Hayley the furniture is really nice in MFI, very similar to M & P's. I would love one of them nursing chairs, I tried one at the weekend and it is so comfortable

Sounds like nursery gonna be so cute Lindsay.
Cant wait to see it
Lorrie :lol: x
eveadel - i got a nursing chair and stool for £109 from

it's getting delivered 22nd of this month... gonna have to keep the wrapping on it or it'll be dirty and well worn by the time the baby comes....

Oh Hayley that sounds excellent I will have a look - thank you for the website addy

Hayley, Im unable to access anything on that site, it says 'under construction' did you order from website or do you have a catalogue??

It said it was still designing the web site (i think) when i went on... but i could still place an order. Try calling 01606 47369 this is the number they called me from to ask when i'd like it delivered...

Hi all :D

Just got back from town - Dh and I have had a right spending spree!!

We have bought our nursery furniture - whohoo!!!!!! We changed our mind from the harewood cot/bed as it didn't have other matching furniture to go with it so we have gone for the savannah instead - good choice hayley :wink: we have ordered the cot/bed with matress, cot top changer, dresser and bookcase. I quite like to shelf too - so may go back and order that too!!

We have bought the Zeddy and Rhubarb changing mat, fleece for the pram, lantern light shade, cot bumper and quilt set, sleeping bag / grow bag and the musical cot mobile. We also picked up the curtains and borders which we had ordered last week.

We have been to the carpet shop and put a hold on a carpet so all we need to do now is get cracking on the painting. I can't wait for it to be finished, I bet I won't be able to stop looking at it :D

What good taste!

We're going for Savannah too. It's the only one that's got a good range of furniture with it from Mamas & Papas and it's such good quality.

Your nursery sounds like it will be gorgeous!!

Does the dresser come with the changing thingy on top, it used to but it looks like it doesn't in the new catalogue.
Well im going to be plain and boring ...

All mine is going to be winnie the pooh! (Not very original i know!) But i can't help it ... the bear is cute lol!!!

All your nursery ideas sound great!!, deff going to give mum2B a call i think ... the chair i saw/liked was in mothercare £410!!!! You just saved me £300!!!! Thanks!!

Can't wait to go shopping ... it's going to be fab!!! you got me all excited now!!!
hey imi all mine is winnie the pooh classic and its lovely :D :D :D
i dont think its boring at all and everyone whos seen the room think its fab xxxxx
Awww thats cheered me up a bit!!!

What furniture did you go for rach??? i've seen a winnie the pooh set in one of my books, and the winnie the pooh furniture nearly £1000!!!

Did you go plain cotbed/wardrobe/dresser??? or get the WTP furniture set?? Not sure what to do cause money doesn't grown on trees!!!

Any advice would be great chick ...:)

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