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breastfeeding/sleeping advice much needed


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May 26, 2007
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Hi there, I'm trying to stay calm, but getting more desperate daily!

I've had approx 2hrs sleep/24hrs for over 2 weeks, but have reached a plateau and don't really feel that bad so none of this is coming from my need for more sleep - yet!

DS is now 16 days old. He weighed 11lbs 2.5oz at birth!!!

He feeds CONSTANTLY. At first the midwives and friends told me it was normal for them to feed a lot during the early days. I've also heard from 2 midwives that the hormone levels are highest between midnight and 4am so milk production is best and therefore feeding to be expected between those hours. Fair enough.

He usually (not always) sleeps for 3hrs at some point between 7pm and midnight, 2hrs somewhere between 7am and 11am, and 2 hrs between noon and 6pm.

At all other times he is feeding constantly. When I feed him he will fall asleep after 20 mins, wake during winding, feed again for 20 mins, fall asleep, wake within 10 mins or when try to put down in moses basket. After 1hr, or when breast empty will swap to other side and start process again.

I'm being pretty patient thinking he's a big boy (11,2.5 remember!) and hungry. But is this really normal? I'm beginning to worry about his lack of sleep, never mind my own.

I was wondering whether he just needs to suck for comfort to go to sleep as he'd hardly gone down in his moses basket in 48hrs. and as much as I'm loathed to, i gave him a dummy this afternoon. He's happy sucking it but hasn't slept much. We've had 2 x 45 minute feeds and he's just dozed in between.

so he only sleeps for 7 hours? that doesnt sound enough tbh, newborns should sleep over 14 hours a day i think :think:
i dont kno what 2 suggest im sorry, but hope u work it out n get some sleep :hug:
Hi hun! Congratulations with your baby! I am sorry to say, but he really doesnt sleep much. I think you should talk with the midwifes, if he is getting enought milk. Because if babies are full and satidfied-they sleep. And they sleep alot. Giving you these- :hug: :hug: :hug: Hope you will sort this out soon :)
Isaac was the same, slept very little and only ON me.. I would suggest co-sleeping, but that's entirely your personal choice, there is little you can do about it as you are exclusively BF'ing, except know that LO will calm down soon :hug: Yes he could be using the boob as comfort, I never let Isaac have a dummy in the beginning, I now believe that was a mistake, it cost me many a stressful and upset time when he wouldn't go down alone, whereas he now will take a dummy and goes down much happier.
Very best wishes, sleep when your LO sleeps, that's the best advice I could offer, forget the housework and get OH to cook :hug:
Merrry Christmas!

Thanks for your help - it makes such a difference to know you guys are there knowing and understanding all our little (and big) problems!

I have no idea what made the difference - Joseph slept from 10.30pm - 6.15am!!!!!! What a Christmas present!!!!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Ladybird xxxx
Tia was like that... she was 8lb 9oz and fed CONSTANTLY... and it was for a few months too... It didn't settle down until she was weaned at 12 weeks with baby rice.... What you describe with your son seems normal for a big breast fed baby...However, be careful... one thing that breast fed babies will do is use you for a dummy.... and the only feeding for 20 mins, falling asleep, waking up during winding and then needing feeding again.. sounds like thats what your LO is doing... Don't let them fall asleep on your boob unless you know they have been there feeding for a while. A simple trick is to tickle their feet while feeding. It keeps them awake and feeding... :)

Alternatively, buy a swing, they are a god send. You can put them in the swing and they will sleep for a long while, wake up and have a good feed then go back to sleep for a while... :)

And do what Redshoes says... sleep when LO sleeps... because honestly when you are breast feeding its the same as being pregnant... and just as tiring. :hug: :hug: :hug: It gets better though once you introduce solids.

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