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Anyone else really loving being preggy?


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Jul 23, 2007
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I think I'm really loving it, especially now bubs is moving - but she still doesn't really kick just uber squiggles and nudges, nothing that hurts.

I can't believe how I feel, I haven't felt like this since I was in my early 20's (15 yrs ago!!). I feel like I'm dancing inside even when I'm walking to work - I probably look like john travolta in funky drag (God I hope not!).

I'm still as nervous as hell about things being ready on time, being a good Mum and of course the birth. But I feel this faith in my own body that I used to feel when I rode 5 horses a day and did manual labour 60 plus hours a week. I can't describe it properly but it's like someone has wound the clock back and my body has come into it's own.

I'm loving being pregnant :cheer: - ok I'm a truly sad git.... :oops:
aww bless you hun.
just as ive been starting to enjoy it my bump has gotten bigger so im finding out i cant do so much even bending down because i have weak knees its a stuggle :)
but apart from that its fantastic people notise my bump and ask me things
manda xx
I'm really enjoying being pregnant too, but only over the last couple of days as I can eat better now (although my taste buds change from week to week) and now the baby is moving more it's getting really exciting!!!
its fantastic people notise my bump and ask me things
manda xx

I volunteer on a rough sleepers hot meal night on Mondays and last night I got bump quizzed! They were all such gents, brought their own cups back, wiped the tables and one even tried to cheat so that I won at table top football (he moved my marker UP!).

It's the most quizzing I've had in one go though.
I love feeling my little man moving about.

Not too sure i'm enjoying the SPD, stretching pains and the inability to bend down anymore and having no clothes to wear!!!

But other than that yeah loving it!!
Ive only started feeling little kicks this week and im loving it. Its make me chuckle to myself and i think oh babys awake. I would like a bigger bump as then it would seem more real then but that will come in time. It would be nice if my oh seemed to take more of an interest but i guess thats just the way he is (hes the same with everything). When we went to our scan he was like a kid in a sweet shop so i know hes as excited as me we just show it in different ways.
Yeah I agree with the lack of clothes Emma, with my first two babies i stayed in my normal tops and trousers the whole way through!!! And this time I have had to buy maternity trousers from 9 weeks, now i need to get some new tops as mine are getting too short!!!
I in my mind love being pregnant but my body doesnt like it :rotfl: AT ALL. Even the doctor said you and pregnancy dont get along. Mentally though I love every bit oh' maybe apart from the hormones...yeah they can really suck sometimes.

I admit I am having it pretty easy but I'm glad others are feeling good too despite having more challenges to face up to.
i cant wait untill this baby pops out i am really not liking it i cant walk far then im out of breath... allways worrying about something going wrong... back pains... random sickness... cant sleep properly cos leg cramps and the only way to get rid of them is 2 lie on my back and i cant even do that... and the kicks in the ribs :wall:

the only plus side of this is knowing ima have my lil parcel in 14 weeks... 8)
I'm just starting to enjoy it. I finally have a small bump and am noticeably pregnant...although I'm not liking the fact that I can't fit into my clothes already.
I can't wait to feel the baby move!

I have had real mobility problems throughout pregnancy and have been unable to enjoy my mat leave.

Right now I just want it over with but I am absolutely terrified of labour.

I know that every pregnancy is different, but I really don't think I will be doing this again. xxx


I like the theory of being pregnant i just find the reality sadly lacking..... :rotfl:
lmao , thats summat you dont hear everyday! x
I hope no-ones picturing pointy collars and lycra? Meep :shock:

I haven't really figured out what the hell is going on to make me feel quite so happy - maybe it's a new lease of life for an old bird? If it is then at least I got somethingh out of the wait! :doh:
I'm with Kelly on this one!!
I love choosing baby stuff online, but I'll be aching if I try to look at things in store. I'm so tired and achy and bored! And OH has been taking such good care of me - doing all the cooking, washing up, food shopping etc. but he's gone to Barcelona for 4 days and now I'll have to fend for myself :(
I don't like being pregnant but I am really looking forward to having a baby. If only you could buy them in shops! :rotfl:
I'm pleased that so many other people feel good though :D
I love love LOVE being pregnant...

i have had complications and SPD etc etc etc as well

I just love growing and changing together with my baby and feeling the little one kick...

its all soo amazing to me and if this miracle means putting up with some pain and inconvenience for 9 months then bring it on!!! me and hubby have been waiting 5 years for this!!!!
I love it! It's really exciting and special. Feel a bit sad too cos we've agreed this will be the last baby and I know I'll be wanting another by the time this one's year old :lol:
I really enjoyed being pregnant with all mine, i loved my bump and baby moving around so much

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