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All Too Real


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Jun 25, 2007
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I Had a Huge Argument With Someone Yesterday Which Led To An Ambulance Being Sent.. So I Spent All Night/Morning In The Delivery Suite Being Monitored and Finally Got Out At 9am After Everything Seemed Fine :) (Blood Pressure Was High For a While).

Anyway.. Can I Just Say How Scary I Found Being There :shock: OMG.. Im Going To Give Birth There In a Matter Of Days/Weeks Arghh.. It Was All Too Real. I Heard 3 Newborns Crying & 2 Women In Labour Which Really Shook Me Up :lol: Just Laying There Hearing Everything & Seeing Midwives Pass By Just Made This All So Believable & I Was In an Actual Delivery Room By Myself Not The Ward Part.

Im Very VERY Excited Now But Also Sooo Nervous & "Giddy-Like". I Cant Believe The End Is Near :D
:hug: :hug: glad you and baby are ok, I know it gets more and more real as the days go by
Its surprising how much you hear them noises when you're NOT in labour and are just being monitored, when you go into labour you wont notice a thing.

Glad all is ok with you though.

I was the same - taken to delivery suite at 23 weeks because they thought I was having contractions (turned out to be kidney infection). A lady was being induced in the bed next to me and it was like OMG :shock:

So excited for all you 3rd tri-ers now! :D
I remember being taken to the labour ward when I had Tia, and there was a woman, screaming in pain in the hallway, I turned around... said I'd changed my mind and didn't want the baby anymore.... I got dragged in though and did have the baby... but my gods... was it scary seeing that woman... :shock:

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