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Jan 28, 2010
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so oh has bunked off work today cos of me being upset and took me for lunch at the harvester.

then we went and had a look round the delivery suite and the hospital. the woman showing us round was so lovely. the rooms were very spacious and all air conditioned etc. there is a specail care unit etc all attack and a theatre. got to see the pool room aswell which was really nice and there is a book of peoples experiences in there. doesn't look like it is used all that often so fingers crossed will be free for me to use.

it has made it all seem very real now and im extra excited. just want him to hurry up now.

lady told us to call whenever any time. she said they had one woman call and ask if she could have cheesy wotsits as she was told she couldnt have certain cheese. pmsl.

anyway pretty pointless thread but if you get chance for a tour i recommend it. xxx
Glad you have had a good day today. I enjoyed my tour when I had it. xx
I never got my tour - it was booked but we came home from hospital the day before!! Glad you have had a nicer day xx
I never got a tour, was never offered to me either. My hospital had a refurbished labour suite in late 2009 so they showed the pics online which is handy xx
I was wondering about a tour, when do they normally do it? The midwife hasn't said anything about one but I see her on wednesday so I'll have to ask her. It must make it feel so real and a bit scary! Exciting though especially as you say it's really nice there..

Oh wow emma you're due tomorrow! Good luck, it comes round so quickly!
I never got offered a tour.. We have just had a new hospital built it only opened in November, so would of thought they would of offered a tour! X
I'm looking forward to having a nose at ours in next few weeks :)
it was only cos i asked midwife and with ours we just had to call them and ask if it was conveiniant to come and have a look around. try ringing your delivery suite and asking. xxx
we also have the opportunity to have a tour of the labour ward but to be honest I don't think I am going to avail of it - I am too afraid!

At the minute I am a great believer in 'ignorance is bliss!' in all things labour related! - Is this silly of me? Should I just take the bull by the horns and go and face the music?....
it is defo worth going xcited. i was kind of dreadin hearing screaming women but instead i heard someones babies 1st cry. was very emotional. had to hold bk the tears. xxx
My hospital do tours twice per week so you just have to ring up and book xx
Ive got my tour at 9.30 tomorrow, really looking forward to it. Arranged by midwife for the people in my antenatal class! Oh and I say be prepared rather than ignorance is bliss. Its amazing how scared you get in labour....

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