Argh christmas presents are getting harder every year because no one needs anything anymore lol seems like a waste of money now because your buying "stuff" for the sake of it.. We'll def be cutting down this year with the credit crunch and baby on the way so just a small token and spending alot of time with family
Gem & Leland said:
ive never brought for uncles etc wont be buying for my dad this year either cos his a waste of space

so just buying for mum & step dad , nanna & grandad , oh , MIL , my 2 lil brothers and leland tbh i do quite well for not buying lots of presents but just shows what a unclose familly i have . alot of leland presents are going to be 2nd hand :oops: but its big things that i just cant afford new , we've just won on ebay a clairbois climbing frame / silde etc for next summer and will continue to get more stuff from carboots etc for xmas he'll get stuff he can use right away , for his bday ( month later he'll get stuff for next summer / 18 months plus )

just rememding me , need to look for xmas outfit on ebay hahaahahhaha ooooo and halloween !

im sure none of you will judge me for buying 2nd hand , would just rather he has more then one toy brand new :D
off course no one will judge you hun Hannah has got loads of second hand toys, most of her outdoor toys are secong hand because they are just so expensive to buy new and they dont get much use out of them :hug:
I spend £50 on oh, £30 on ohs mum and the lot i have left gets spent on the kids and thats usually a huge amount!

I dont buy for adults either.
AAAAAAAGHHHHH Xmas is coming!! :doh:

Noooo, its too soon!!

goodbye money :wave:
I so look forward to Christmas and I enjoy finding presents much more than receiving. The bloke and I have set a budget for each other this year. We always do and then break it anyway, but this year we'll be more broke than normal with Horatio almost being there. Our budget this year for each other is 80 quid including stockings. I'd rather give up on the main present than the stocking to be honest.
No one will judge you Gem, I think what you're doing is really good and Leland isn't going to know any different or care.
I'm expecting payment for some exam marking I did and I'm going to keep £500 for all my Christmas pressies and associated costs (food etc)

It's going to be tight but that's it. In truth we haven't spent that much on Stanley at Christmas because he gets so much off others and I figure we can get away with that for just a couple of years.

My children's present list goes up every year as our friends all start or add to families.

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