RIP Jessica Randall (Very upsetting)

That is why they should bring back the DEATH PENALTY
the sick b a s t a r d!
ok. i dont get it. a new mother who had mental health problems that are obviously so serious that she spent 54 days not noticing/not intervening when her newborn's father was doing all those shocking and disgusting things to her poor helpless defensless child - WHY WAS THE FAMILY NOT BEING MONITORED???

i cannot believe it. i feel so angry.

he will spend a long time in prison and he will go to hell but apart from that, the professionals that didnt notice should be prosecuted for negligence.

the only saving grace is that nobody can ever hurt that little girl again. god bless her. :cry:
All those heath professional need to be made accountable too. That little girl died because 30 people allowed her father to carry on abusing her. Its disgusting.
This is why we need a better child protection system in the UK, the reporting procedure need to change NOW. If things had been tightened up and changed and all health staff members knew what the hell they were supposed to do to activate child protection after the Victoria Cimbe case then this could have been avoided :x
:shock: Sick B*****d

I couldn't read it all it's too upsetting :cry:
Oh thats awful!! I feel like crying after reading that.
He should be hung like a pig! :evil:
zebrastripes said:
I think it said she had mental problems-fair enough but I would have thought that that would make the HV even more aware :wall:

You would have thought so! The HV's here come out literally as soon as the MW discharges and they will weigh the baby - naked - which also gives plenty of opportunity to spot when something isnt right.

That man is sick, very very sick. What were we saying yesterday about the death penalty?
OMG! I live in Kettering! :shock: Awful to know people like this live near you! :? How could anybody harm a baby!!?? Just so sad now! And, me too all for the death sentence! :evil:
Hopefully he will get his comeuppance in prison.

why oh why do they excuse the mothers. that is bulls**t. A mothers job is to protect her child. Mental issues or not, she knows what is right and what is wrong. it makes me so angry.

RIP Jessica.
That is absolute EVIL :x I can't even think of any punishment suitable for this scumbag :wall:

At least prisioners don't like paedos so hopefully he'll be beat up every single day in there. :evil:
i saw this on the news and was sat there crying how could ne body do that its pure evil :cry:

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