RIP Jessica Randall (Very upsetting)

OMG I really shouldnt have read that, i have tears running down my face.

I can't believe the b*****d did that, he wants to be tortured by everyone in prison!
She was failed by everyone she met, and that is a saddening thought alone, let alone what that monster did do her.

RIP lil angel, your in a better place now, where he can't hurt you.
Thats sick! Someone should do everything he did to her back to him see how he likes it.
Holy crap :shock: :shock: :shock: I didn't think that anyone would be THAT twisted... :shock:
Ugh. That makes your common or garden anorak paedophile look like a saint. :puke: I don't understand how on earth anyone could do that to their own little daughter,and how on earth the HV didn't catch on
I think it said she had mental problems-fair enough but I would have thought that that would make the HV even more aware :wall:
i say hang the b******d and spit on his body.
people like this do not deserve to be alive.
where was the mother when all this was happening.

RIP little darling jessica.........let the angels take care of you now !!
fooking *******.

sorry, gut reaction.

that poor poor baby.

i hope he gets what he deserves in prison.
OMG :cry: I can't believe that, that poor little baby girl. I'd love to stamp on his f*ing chest, see how that bas*ard likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :twisted:
I'm so f**king angry after reading that :x I hope something very very bad happens to that monster :x

Rest in peace Jessica :cry:
wtf !!!!!!

i cant believe that man.

i cant belive it Kettering is only the next town to me i used to live in Corby

hope the b*****ds get whts coming to him in prison
They should bring back the death sentence for that monster alone, how could anyone do that to a baby girl?

If my daughter wasnt asleep id be in there cuddling her now!
sick fucker, hope he rots in hell, now people like that should be killed a life for a life :x
Death sentance would be to easy for him, i say put him in prison with men who have killed for their families, and let them do what they want to him.
Instead he will be put on a high security wing in prison where they are all sick monsters together....... makes my blood boil.
they want to put folk like him in with men who will sort him out. Im sure a few officers will be looking the other way when an inevitable 'accident' happens to him.

I HATE that man :evil:

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