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year old (nearly) fussy or teething?


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Mar 27, 2006
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Hiya ladies :wave:

Dunno if some of you ladies out there with older babies or any with younger ones that can come up with any ideas as to my little princess's problem :(

Shes always been a bit funny with lumps in her food but we have cracked it and shes been having virtually anything that we do mashed up.

But for some reason we have taken a step backwards :(

She was poorly 2 or 3 weeks back and had an ear infection, possibly caused by her maybe teething? Ive looked and cant see anthing coming and she hasnt been waking at night as she previuosly did with the others.

A couple of nights back she was having her sausage,mash and peas and she cagged and was sick cos she got a lump stuck in her throat. Now she wont entertain anything with a lump in it but she will devour yoghurts,jelly and fruit puddings?

has anyone else had a similar problem cos its frustrating as we are going backwards? Shall i give her soft stuff again and introduce lumps again?

Funny thing is she will eat toast,cucumber,sandwiches,fruit thats peeled and any soft crisps like wotsits quavers etc :x

Any advice or points of views gratefully appreciated

Luv kaye and teabag :lol: xxx
Hey honey,

I'm having exactly the same experiences with my little one. So be rest assured you are not alone :hug:

Not having done this before, I could do with some advice too.

We really should try to get together....didn't we talk about this 11 months ago? Would be great for the girls to have a little play while we have a well deserved drink!

Hiya :wave:

Yes we did but a lot has happened since then and we kinda lost touch, I dont have your number anymore if you want to arrange something pm your number and i will get in touch :hug:
I would just keep giving her finger foods and let her feed herself. If she feels in control then she should feel more confident with eating :)

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