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Would it be better to do it apart?


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Oct 26, 2007
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as some of you may have read in earlier posts my relationship with the father has been a little inconsistent since finding out i was pregnant, after leaving me for a month to get his head around it he's been trying to sort things out with me, its just that i cant help feel that when he wasnt around things were easier for me. I really care about him and when we spend time together its great, but he's not very mature and sees no harm in ignoring me for days then coming back and being all loving again. we work together and everytime i go in to work all the girls there take great pleasure in telling me what hes been up to and its hurting me to have to listen to it all. I dont know if its jsut my hormomes thus week (i've had an awful week for crying and being miserable and wanting to punch people) but i jsut wonderif it'd be better for my baby if i stopped trying to be with him and walked away, however much it would hurt me to do it.
Clare x
Hi Clare,

My OH spent 2 weeks telling me he'll be there and promising the world (even proposed to me Xmas day) only to go an pick a few bits and bobs up from his house never to return... So I kind of know what you must be going through at the moment what with doing things on your own etc.

I don't think it's just your hormones, that would be upsetting for someone at the best of times. Just remember, your hormones can make you react differently to how you normally would and in my case, I'm having to think before I speak otherwise everyone who's supporting me would leave in a flash!!

I don't know your situation but personally, I would try to remain on the best of terms (on a friendship level) for arguments sake. You don't want to put yourself under any unecessary stress right now although it might be good for you both to talk about things etc.

It does hurt to be without the father of your baby, it can't feel "right" for any woman but you do have to think selfishly and think about YOU at the moment. Baby is relying on you mummy to be strong and happy :)

Maybe you could sit down and write all the pros on one side and the cons on the other, might help you weigh it up a bit.

Sorry I can't help more - I wish I could :(

If you ever need a chat, feel free to pm me! xx

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