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Worrying Again .... (sorry) - Symptoms all but gone!

Little miss pink

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Sep 22, 2006
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Hi Everyone

Sorry to be a pest again. But i'm still worrying... My symptoms seem to have gone and although i have been good and really cut down on the pregnancy tests i've been doing its my only way of getting any answers to what might be going on. I've had no bleeding or pain (although you don't get this with a missed miscarriage) i just don't feel pregnant anymore. A couple of weeks ago (6w+2) i started feeling sick and my booblies where very tender and my pregnancy tests very strong. But for the past two weeks my symptoms have all but disappeared and i just don't feel pregnant and my pregnancy test lines are a lot fainter tomorrow i will be 8 weeks and i just wondered if anyone else had expereinced there symptoms disappearing at around 8 weeks or is this something i should be worried about.

Hiya hun :hug: I didn't have any symptoms apart from a little bit of MS but even then that was before I even knew I was pregnant.. after about week 8.. nada. We are all different and just cos you've lost your symptoms try not to panic. Have you been to docs to confirm pregnancy? maybe if you explain your worries they may give you an early scan or test your hormone levels? :hug:
Hi there :wave:

Thanks for the post. I had an Early scan at 6wks and they saw my little bean and a very tiny new heartbeat. But the doctor said it was stillv ery early days. But i have PCOS and i know my risk of miscarriage is higher because of my erratic hormones and with all my symptoms disappearing and my tests getting lighter i am worried my hormones aren't doing what they should be and that it is making my pregnancy fail.

God i know i could just be being neurotic but i just wanted to see if anyone else had had anything similar as i've heard of missed miscarriages where your bean dies and you don't know for weeks after and i'm scared this is happening to me.

Remember that your hormones do even out too...I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms as such and what ones I did have, disappeared around 12 weeks! I didn't feel pregnant at all.
Don't worry, symptoms come and go - it's compeltely normal!
Try not to worry hun, I'm the same ..... no symptoms at all hardly except no AF, I begin to wonder if I am pregnant or if it is all in my head :wall: you've seen with you're own eyes your little bean and it really is different for everyone, so think positive :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
I have had very limited symptoms throughout my pregnancy so far and im nearly 20 weeks.

Can you get some blood tests done at the docs to check your levels are going up just to put your mind at rest. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Yeah i think i might ask my MW on Thursday if i can have a blood test to check my HCG levels as i'm really worried they aren't what they should be.

crickey i wish we could have a scan every week to reassure us.



I had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks but all my symptoms remained so try not to worry, everyone feels differently at different stages. You can get a private scan for around £70 - £100 depending on where you live, it may be worth it just so you can relax before Xmas xx
Have you thought about buying a doppler, LMP? Its probably a little early to hear heartbeat, I think they say you can start to hear around 10 weeks. Might just put your mind at rest if you can get through the next couple of weeks?

Don't be disheartened if your GP won't do the blood tests, they will probably say there's no need to do them as you've no other signs of a potential miscarriage. Try and take that as a positive.

Honestly if you search the First Tri forum you'll see loads of posts about women being worried about not having symptoms, its completely normal!

Perhaps book yourself in for a private scan if you can afford it. It will put your mind at rest.
all mine disapeared at 8 weeks hun so we booked an early private scan and baby was fine :)
all i got after that was a little bit of morning sickness every couple of weeks lol.
try not to worry for some of us its normal :)
manda xx
hi LMP.....
when i was about 8 weeks all my symtoms dissapeared too, i was terrified....
but after i mentioned it, i dound out SOOO many girls had the same thing!!

so try not to worry about it... if your still worried, go to your GP, or midwife, maybe they can get you in for an early scan?????
Hi Honey,

I wanted to reassure you that symptoms do come and go. I had strong symptoms like you, but in weeks 7 and 8 I had nothing. I was terrified. But, in week 9, everything came flooding back again and I was really ill up until about week 16/17.
It seemed quite common for the people in first tri with me to have a lull in symptoms around that time too.

Try not to worry (I know it is hard not too) and enjoy not feeling too sick whilst you can. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Oh its great to find out so many girls have had the same and gone on to have healthy pregnancys. I think i had just convinced myself that i was having a missed miscarrage. I have a MW appointment on thursday so i think i might mention it to her and see if she thinks its worth checking my bloods or anything.

Thanks for all the reassurance girls i don't know what i'd do without this forum sometimes!

Thanks everyone, i was coming on here this morning to ask if it was normal to have no symptoms. as with this pregnancy i don't seem to have any aprt from a little dizzy, in fact i don't even feel pregnant, i have done a test every sunday but the line is so RED and DARK this week i was reassured for a least a couple of hours....lol

Thanks ladies, its nice to have someone to be there for you who understands xxx
Regarding the tests getting lighter, I read in a study of tests that some become insensitive above a certain level of HCG. Some can read low levels early on, but start to fail as HCG increases. Sone can read up to very high levels. So, it can depend on what test we use.

Plus getting nearer to the time when the placenta takes over, HCG levels start to lessen. Not sure when this is. Maybe 12 weeks.

I am sure you have no reason to worry. We are all silly and worry when we start to feel nothing. But, we should just enjoy it.

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