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When did your LO's start walking?

Gemma & Jake

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Mar 5, 2006
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Jake isn't walking yet although I don't think it will be long until he is off. He has been walking around the furniture and with his walker for ages. In the last couple of weeks he has been standing really well on his own and attempting to take a step but I don't think he's confident enough yet as he goes to do it and then sits down. I know it varies loads but i'm just interested to see how old all of your LO's were.
Jessica was 11 months walking propally but Aimee didn't walk till 14 months. She could walk earlier but didn't have the confidence. Don't know with Nathan cos hes not even managed to pull himself up yet. My niece has only just started walking at 19 months and she isn't that confident yet.
Thea started walking without the furniture to hold on to at 10 months 1 day. She had been cruising round holding onto things for about 3 weeks before that.
Isabella was 14 months. Dont worry hun they all do things at different times :D
Hannah was a day passed 10 months, kieron was a week off 11 months
Gabriella was 11 months. They definitely do it when they are ready.
It won't be long before he is running around the place :D
Abigail was 11 mqqonths
Jordan and Tia were 12 month just before there 1st birthdays
Lydia started walking without holding on 2 weeks after her 1st birthday.
Harrison started walking just a few weeks ago, well a week after he turned one but has been cruising the furniture since he was around 9/10 months
Rubes has been cruising for about 6 weeks now, and she has been standing unaided for a few weeks. She doesnt seem confident enough to take those first steps just yet, she has taken 2 from me to MIL but hasnt done it since..

I put my arms out towards her, and she bounces up and down in excitement, then looks round and sits down on the floor :rotfl:
My son was 18 months, but he has a few problems, but my neice is 9 months and is walking already :shock: little genius.
my daughter walked on her first birthday, my son at ten months; but I didnt walk until I was eighteen months - and my Mom says I was on target in every other respect, just "a lazy little so and so" :rotfl:
well jack is 19 and a half months and im still waiting, he does walk round the furniture and stand for ages unaided. he was taking a few steps but has now stopped!!! guess he will do it when he's ready.

Kiara was 10 months and im hoping Kadyn dont walk till hes nearly two :lol:
Well im so chuffed cos 2days ago jack started to walk again, this time he so much better, he cany get upto standing but if i stand him he walks of, he's doing about ten steps which is great!!! im so proud!!! :cheer:

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