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Jun 9, 2008
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So, as I have mentioned I do not know whether I am 6 or 9 weeks pregnant at the mo... Which is annoying. So I thought Id give a brief run down of events to see what you all think!

Stopped the pill on the 25th April
7 days later I had a bleed
11 may I was getting faint lines on opks... Previous opks had nothing
24th May I had extremely painful nipples as well as boob ache
25th/26th June I was getting strong possitive on opk... Though I didn't take anymore tests after this date as was busy with wedding stuff.
26/27th I noticed that not matter what I ate I couldn't pit weight on. Also when we had a salad with seaford for dinner one evening I noticed that I quickly dripped 2lb!!
1-7th I felt very weak, and was only feeling better when I ate some meat!I also found it a struggle to raise my left arm!!
Then by the 8tj I did a test for fun, and up pops a line straight away!! No squinting or anything!

All through may I would get these bouts of sickness but is ignore them really.

So what do you all think.. 6 or 9 weeks?
would you say that the bleed you had on the 11th may was a normal period?? as if it was normal period then they will prob take 11th to calculate edd?? sorry is really difficult as could have been inplantation bleed so not sure really. do you know when you and partner could have possibly conceived (sorry to be personal!!) xxmaybe some of the other girls will have some idea xx
If u had a bleed 7 days after stopping pill then I would take that as ur lmp,2nd may,making u 7 + 5 to my reckoning xx
The "bleed" was the normal withdawel bleed that you get when on the pill. I do have to say that on the, oh i cant remember if it was the 7th or 15th now, but i had brown discharge for 3 days...very light. I just assumed that it was due to coming off the pill....but maybe it was something else?

Ohhh and dont worry about asking me personal questions....i usually say too much anyway and embarass myself!lol
yeah im with emmamb on that one xx i literally had my period for saying sake on the monday and conceived on the saturday (remember it well as was onantibiotics and doc told me increase chance of getting pregnant so thanks anti-biotics!!) so the same dort of thing has happenend to you too i think (ie falling very quickly after period) xxx
If it was the 15th then that would fall about right 4 implantation xx
I would say def not 9 weeks, I am 10 plus 2 days today, and my LMP was 7th April, (they reackon my cycle was a week longer than normal 28 days at moment, and out me back a week, but still far too far away from the lmp of 24th April?
On my notes to tge midwife my dic put lmp 25th. Obviously she only noted that as it was the date I stopped the pill. If you go by the docs notes then it makes me 9 weeks on Sunday.

I think I'm going to stick with my six weeks, but hold onto the thought thar I could be 7.

Ta all!x

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