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wanted to share this.......sorry, it's long......


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Feb 12, 2007
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I'm a member of a forum called Find Madeleine. It was set up after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and is now dedicated to missing and abused children everywhere. The people on there do some amazing work.

In the summer of this year, a five year old Swiss girl called Ylenia was snatched from near her home. She was found some weeks later buried in woodland. Her killer took his own life shortly after her disappearance.

When Ylenia was found, the Find Madeleine forum sent a message of support to Ylenias mum, together with a Perpetual Mass in her memory. As a thank you, her mum sent us a balloon to release for Ylenia.

We thought it fitting that we release the balloon back here in Switzerland, so I volunteered.

We made a video of the release, which we posted on YouTube. I've put the link below.

It was emotional day yesterday with the release of the balloon. I tried to explain as best as I could to the children what we were doing and why. It's funny how kids deal with stuff. They kept asking questions about Ylenia and why the 'bad man' took her, where she is now etc.
They've been talking about her all weekend, and my youngest daughter keeps drawing pictures and telling me she loves Ylenia.

Today we went to a Märlisunntig which means 'Fairy Tale Sunday'. It's a Christmas market of sorts with loads of things going on for the kids, including 'Samiclaus' (Father Christmas), face painting, merry go rounds, and street entertainers.

The place was jam packed as you can imagine, the whole of the town was cordoned off to traffic and filled with people.

As we were getting ready to head home we walked down the street and next to us was a little tot, perhaps the same age as my youngest daughter, three. She was beautiful, blond, blue eyes. She caught my eye because she was striding down the street with such purpose and I actually thought she was singing a song. I pointed her out to my husband.

As we walked further I realised she wasn't singing, but rather she was saying 'papi, papi' as she walked. It was then I realised she was alone!

I went up to her and asked where her mummy was and it was only then that she started to cry. :cry:

I scooped her up, she was so afraid and confused, and we had problems communicating with her. We speak German but we're not so hot on the Swiss dialect and after much questioning we established that the little girl was only two.

We managed to find an official who first asked us to wait with him, then sent us to the police station. The little girl (Deborah) was with us for at least fifteen minutes before we got to the police station.

As we walked into the station a lady inside shreaked and rushed over to us. She was trembling from head to foot, that poor woman. I ended up crying as well...... :oops:

It turns out that Deborah was with her Aunty and had wandered off in a split second. She'd wandered about two kilometers before we found her!

It just goes to show, it can happen so quickly. When you're out in a crowd like that you really need to keep hold of them at all times.

The funny thing was that the Aunty, who was crying and could hardly get any words out, mentioned Ylenia to me several times, and asked me if I knew about the case.

I don't know, it was almost like it was meant to be somehow, that I would find her........does that sound daft? It just feels as though it was Ylenia who made sure I was there to find that little girl and return her. It may sound stupid, but I really believe that.

I just wanted to share, I really believe that what I just experienced was 'destiny'. Here's the video of you'd like to see it.

it doesnt sound daft at all - afterall, everything happens for a reason eh? but its good that you did spot her, and that she wasnt jus walking and singing. i always keep the wee ones close if im out with them

but it definetly does make one think about how it all happened, after all, truth is stranger than fiction
That moved me to tears, what a wonderful thing you have done. Its so sad that it happened in the first place though :hug:
What a beautiful video... gorgeous setting what you where doing...so serene!

As for the little girl you found..under the circumstances I do believe in fate! However I do have to say that there is no way on earth I would ever let go of my LO's hand especially at that age ..and I would always make sure she was in my sight! Even more so after recent events. :shock:

The story of Ylenia is absolutely tragic...very very sad! A lovely tribute you paid for her in her memory. :pray:
I know what you mean, but I could never condem that woman who lost her little girl today. She was IN BITS. It really made me realise what devastation is caused when I child is lost. I can't blame the woman, she was obviously devoted to the child, and had probably just turned her back for a second.

As for Ylenia, it's just such a sad story. The b*stard who took her shot himself.......... :x :x :x :x
That video made me cry.

How lucky that little girl was that you saw her.
thank god it was YOU that found her hun & not someone else, you did a great job :hug: :hug: :hug:
I was just talking about this with a friend and I was saying I thought if it hadn't been me that found the girl, it would most certainly have been another family, as the place was jam packed with parents and their kids.

My friend pointed out that it's EXACTLY that kind of gathering that weirdos would go to, as it's so easy to grab a child at a place like that.

Really made me think.......
That video was so lovely!

Thank God you found her and took her to safety..I remember when I was little I got lost in a shopping centre..one minute my Mum was there the next she wasn't...I can still remember how scared I felt! :(
Im lost for words, what a beautiful thing you have done in her memory, and the video made me cry too, so moving :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I think you may be right about finding that little girl, perhaps the guardian angels/spirit guides have you marked down as someone to trust in these situations :hug: :hug:
I totally belive you Sammy - I think you were meant to find the girl and I am so glad you did. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
my mum and stepdad used to have a pub in east london and my stepsister went upstairs and left her 4 year old with her partner, but he thought that James had gone with his mum, and he sneaked out the door, it was about ten minutes before they realised that he was missing and he had walked about 30 mins down a very busy high road. An Asian man had found him and taken him to a police station. You just dont like to think do you. it was a little while after Jamie Bulger went missing.

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