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Nov 16, 2009
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Hi there,

I was confused about what had happened with my test the other day and found this site which makes interesting reading to find out what can go wrong with tests when you over/under saturate them etc...:

Point 15 on this page seems to be what happened with mine (I think) as it looks quite similar - it says that if you under-saturate the test it will be pink stained across it and you could add more pee to get rid of the excess dye!!

Now.... I understand that this test was from 2 days ago but I was feeling in a bit of an experimental mood and as I hadn't thrown it away (as it's the closest thing to a :bfp: that I've ever had) and so..... I decided to add a bit more pee :lol:!

The result was quite interesting - pretty much all the pinkish tinge disappeared and I am left with a very faint second line- not sure if you can see it from here but thought I'd post it anyway (you may need to click on the pic).

Now I'm not suggesting that this makes it a bfp but I'm posting this more for info in case any of you have a similar test in the future so that you know that it's gone pinkish because it is undersaturated.

Here is the site in case you fancy reading more:


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I still thinks it looks very promising hun xx
It is interesting to me that pretty much all the pink dye vanished and yet I can still see a 2nd pink line. I didn't think that was possible if the hormone wasn't present. Having said that, I haven't had a bfp since so we'll see!
looks promising hun take a digital one :) your due in 2 days it should tell you by now :) x x
Will do (yet) another in the morning with FMU. If that is still BFN then I have my internet cheapies arriving on Sat for the time between now and when AF is due.
eeeeeeee exciting i did mine 2 days before in the middle of the day - im so impatient haha!!! i hope you have good resulats will you be posting first thing???? x x
:yay: i wont be on that early as my hubby will moan at me hahaha :rotfl: but as soon as i can get a peep i shall x x x
i will be waiting hehe used that site before found it quite good
good luck lovely really hope you get a bfp tomz xxx

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